UK Transport Awards 2020

6 SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2020 , QBE Best Commercial Motor Insurance Company 2020 Feb20320 Contact Information: Company: QBE Website: A proactive approach to helping customers manage risk and reduce claims have established QBE as a name to trust in commercial motor insurance. QBE Insurance Group is one of the world’s leading international insurers and reinsurers. As a business insurance specialist, QBE has been insuring motor fleets in the UK and Ireland for almost 100 years, since 1927, and is highly regarded for their expertise and flexibility, from insuring small fleets of cars and vans to some of the biggest and well-known transport operators in the UK, with thousands of vehicles on the road. The insurer is also well known in passenger transport, with 50 years’ experience in insuring bus and coach fleets and 30 years’ as the UK leader in minibus insurance. Motor Trade insurance is also provided to manufacturers, dealerships, maintenance and repair firms throughout the UK. QBE has grown by actively putting the customer at the centre of all decisions and always looking at things from the customers’ point of view. The aim is to build a long-lasting relationship that goes much further than buying an annual insurance policy. Helping customers to reduce risk QBE has an in-house team of risk management experts who provide practical guidance to help customers stay roadworthy, safe and compliant. The service includes site visits, online self-assessments, an extensive library of risk management material, driver training, e-learning and help with compliance and regulatory issues. And with a growing use of in-vehicle telematics and technology to improve safety, QBE makes a range of risk management solutions available to customers, as well as partnering with leading telematics providers, risk management partners and motoring safety organisations such as Thatcham Research, Brake and RoSPA, to help benefit customers. Smarter and faster insurance claims When you buy an insurance policy, you’re buying a promise to pay. QBE take that promise seriously. The insurer has an excellent record for paying claims and is rated A+ by Standard & Poor’s, meaning that customers can be sure that QBE has the financial strength and security to deliver on its promises. Where there’s an insurance claim, experienced case managers work with customers to reduce downtime, control repair and car hire costs, and minimise any business interruption. And if a claim is made against you, QBE will do everything in their power to reduce the costs involved and robustly defend your position against any fraudulent claims. QBE is also investing heavily in data analytics to help manage claims faster and smarter through data-driven insights. At the same time, the claims process is being speeded up through robotics, to deliver faster decisions, fair and consistent settlements, and enhanced fraud prevention, so that QBE customers don’t pay the price for others’ dishonesty. Helping to drive down costs is good for both the transport industry and for customers. Ask your insurance broker about QBE As a business insurance specialist, QBE offers a wide range of policies suited to businesses of all sizes, from their award-winning commercial motor insurance, to business property and liability insurance, financial lines and specialist insurance for businesses that operate internationally. All insurance is available through insurance brokers. QBE works with brokers to ensure that polices are tailored to the customer’s exact needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Next time you’re considering your business insurance, ask your broker about QBE. For more information see “As a business insurance specialist, QBE offers a wide range of policies suited to businesses of all sizes. Next time you’re considering your business insurance, ask your broker about QBE.”