Build Sustainable Awards 2016

2016 Sustainable Building Awards Build 69 Company: Wintech Limited Website: Telephone: 01902 307430 Email: [email protected] AR160092 Recently, Wintech has moved to larger office headquarters with a technical infrastructure that will allow it to further expand and handle changes in the industry that Macey compares to Henry Ford’s introduction of production lines for car manufacturing and the way this changed the industrial paradigm at the time. “There are amazing opportunities for architects and developers alike; these come from the opportunity to automate the design and delivery of complex buildings,” he says. “These automation techniques completely transform the architectural design process. Working with BIM and Parametric Models, the normal limitations associated with complexity no longer apply. Essentially the façade design, which can form part of the whole BIM model, can be embedded with parametric information that will facilitate the direct manufacture of components. This provides opportunities to de-skill the façade design exercise. The traditional process of transferring the information through the supply chain using a series of analogue steps from architectural design through to design office and manufacturing and finally on to site, will no longer be relevant. Wintech’s new automation techniques turn this into a single seamless digital process to significantly reduce cost and, for the first time, increased complexity does not inevitably mean increased cost. Using these techniques, we have essentially de-skilled much of the delivery process that required multiple intellectual steps in order to deliver the product. This will ultimately give architects greater levels of freedom in the way they design their buildings and make these more affordable to clients”.