Build Sustainable Awards 2016

Build 2016 Sustainable Building Awards 44 Company: Craftsmen Quality Builders Name: Stuart Lee Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: P.O.Box 545, Woodend, Victoria 3442 Telephone: +61 0402318224 raftsmen Quality Builders have over 15 years’ experience in the building industry working on various projects including new builds, renovations and extensions. Stuart outlines the firm’s latest projects and how these showcase its dedication to quality. “Here at Craftsmen Quality Builders clients are generally retirees or people who are interested in building an environmentally friendly, low energy consuming home. The business provides homeowners with an extremely high standard of workmanship and a home, built for comfort. “Our most recent project was a complete overhaul of an existing ‘owner built’ mud-brick residence. The main challenge was the building being very ‘leaky’ and un-insulated. We had to frame a new wall against the mud brick, insulate with recycled polyester batts, add new thermally broken double glazed windows and seal every area accessible to bring the home up to a comfortable standard.” Operating in the energy efficient residential building sector in Australia, the firm has a number of exciting opportunities to work with clients on new and innovative projects, as Stuart explains. “Australia is 25 years behind in sustainable building, and as such we work hard to bring our clients and the industry up to speed. Having become a certified Passiv Haus tradesman, and gaining the knowledge of those principles, I believe the main challenge is educating homeowners. Often when people are buying a house, the concern has been location, size and functionality. Not, how comfortable will my home be or how much energy/ cost will this consume. I hope to be part of the shift in building practices in my area. “Ultimately I believe people are far more environmentally aware and concerned about their impact on the environment. I am offering people the opportunity to build a home that is energy efficient and environmentally conscious. This includes using sustainable material such as straw bales for insulation and sustainably sourced timber and implementing the Passiv Haus principles, these are just a few key points of our adaptation.“ Looking ahead, Stuart was optimistic about the future and the potential opportunities that the firm’s latest projects will provide. “The future is looking bright for Craftsmen Quality Builders; we have a certified Passiv Haus currently under construction in Doreen, Victoria with many others in the pipeline.” Craftsmen Quality Builders Best for Passive House Building Projects – Victoria & BUILD Excellence Award for Energy Efficient Homes - Victoria Craftsmen Quality Builders specializes in building energy efficient and environmentally conscious homes. Stuart Lee talks us through the firm’s service offering and the secrets behind its success. c AR160100