Build Sustainable Awards 2016

2016 Sustainable Building Awards Build 23 arbon Futures is an independent consultancy which operates as an intrinsic part of construction design teams offering a comprehensive suite of consultancy services such as energy assessment, design certification and advanced thermal modelling to clients ranging from award-winning architects and contractors through to local authorities, housing associations and private developers. As his opening comment Andrew is eager to outline the increasing complexities for design teams to deliver new-build construction projects to latest energy standards in Scotland. “In Scotland, the Building Regulations for Energy and Sustainability are becoming increasingly complex with future regulation changes presenting a challenging landscape for developers. “Our aim on all projects is to bring significant value by working closely with design teams to develop deliverable low carbon strategies that meet or exceed the standards set by Government. “With our experience in construction covering a range of disciplines we deploy our commercial awareness to offer our clients sustainable, energy efficient solutions, ensuring compliance with the Energy and Sustainability regulations via the most practical and cost-effective route. “Overall, by engaging with Carbon Futures from the outset clients can ensure that their design is fully compliant with the latest energy standards and fully optimised meet their desired level of sustainability – minimising the risk of falling short of the Building Regulations or the expense of delivering an over-specified project.” During an impressive first year in business, Carbon Futures have managed to secure over 80 new projects and are working as part of construction design teams throughout the country to support the delivery of over 3000 new homes in Scotland. One of the firm’s current projects which will provide it with a number of exciting opportunities is Laurieston, one of eight Transformational Regeneration Areas in Glasgow which will see up to 800 new homes delivered to the local community. Andrew discusses Carbon Futures’ involvement in the project and how it will be working to ensure the estate meets its target of Bronze sustainability recognition. “Carbon Futures are working as part of the project design team from the outset to develop an energy and sustainability strategy for the second phase of the development which consists of 148 new homes incorporating a mix of townhouses and apartments. “As energy consultants, our focus will be to develop an enhanced fabric strategy through increased levels of insulation minimising heat loss. By adopting a fabric first approach, the building design will maximise the performance of components and materials that make up the building fabric resulting in reduced capital and operational costs, improved energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions.” Looking to the future, Andrew foresees a number of exciting opportunities within the sustainability industry in Scotland which will allow his firm to continue to build upon its current success. “Following the introduction of Energy Consultancy Frameworks now being operated by a number of large publicly funded organisations in Scotland, there is an increasing desire for the knowledge and skills of energy consultants to form part of project design teams. As the industry drives towards a zero carbon future, it is clear that energy consultancy will play an important part in the future of construction. “Over the past year, Carbon Futures have secured involvement in a number of high profile large-scale regeneration developments throughout Scotland. As a business, we are well placed to continue to support the delivery of energy efficient, low carbon buildings across the sector. We look forward to continued growth over the coming years within an improving Scottish construction industry.” Best Energy & Sustainability Consultancy 2016 – Scotland Carbon Futures is a Glasgow based energy and sustainability consultancy delivering sustainable, energy efficient solutions and strategies to support a wide variety of new-build construction projects throughout the country. Director Andrew Money talks us through the firm and the services it offers. C Company: Carbon Futures Name: Andrew Money Telephone: 0141 280 8022 Email: [email protected] Web Address: