Build Architecture Awards 2016

Build 2016 Architecture Awards 84 Company: Medici Design Interior Spaces Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)7773 782988 Website: eidi Sinclair is the interior designer behind Medici Design Inte- rior Spaces. Specialising in commercial design, Heidi is highly versatile, offering residential services as well as graphic and web design, branding and e-designing. This latest innovation is particularly unique, as it offers interior design to those who typically would not use the service. Heidi explains how she came up with this innovative service offering. “e-interiors is a new service which is highly accessible, both in terms of pricing and ease of use. Designed for residential clients who might otherwise believe interior design was too costly, I endeavour to involve high street brands, planning the layout and specifying styles which I believe will suit their space so they can then purchase the products themselves. This service can be done remotely and saves the client both time and money.” Heidi’s style, which is contemporary and focuses on sleek lines and a variety of textures, is exemplified in one of her latest projects, the Ludorati Café. The establishment is Nottingham’s premier board game café bar, and features bright colours contrasted by modern effects. Heidi makes it clear that this project is something she was particularly passionate about, as she focuses only on designs that speak to her heart. “Ludorati Café was a great project and one which I thoroughly enjoyed designing. I only take on projects which I believe I can fulfil to the best of my ability, as I want clients to always receive the very best design. I focus on creating modern spaces, and have a great eye for detail- I imported tiles from Spain for the Café in order to create a perfect finish.” Moving forward, Heidi is keen to work on new commercial ventures and focus on the e-designing. “Overall my focus going forward will be on continuing to continue working on commercial projects, particularly in the hospitality industry. In addition, I am keen to focus on the e-design section of my business.” m e d i c i d e s i g n i n t e r i o r s p a c e s Best E-Interior Company - UK & Best Café Interior Design Project: Ludorati Café Medici Design Interior Spaces is the practice of renowned interior designer Heidi Sinclair. We interviewed Heidi to learn more about the secrets behind her success. H AR160077