Build Architecture Awards 2016

2016 Architecture Awards Build In the Quarter of Nations Wilhelmsburg residential project which was built for the 2013 International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg, ecological, energy- efficient and also social aspects were major design considerations. The result was a model project for intercultural living – providing accommo- dation for more than 1,700 residents from over 30 countries. Gerber Architekten completed a traditional red brickwork workers‘ housing estate which was built in the 1930s by adding two new buildings construct- ed to the highly energy efficient “Passivhaus” or “KfW-40” Standard. In- spired by the quality and the essential elements of the existing architecture, the two head- end buildings reinterpret these in an independent architectur- al language to produce sculptural forms. The 75 subsidised residential units have varied sizes and layouts to ensure a diversified range of living options and a good social mix in the Quarter of Nations. In their designs, Gerber Architekten place particular emphasis on the dialogue between the internal and external spaces of a building. The overall objective is that the functional inner life of the building is revealed and that within the building the user’s gaze is directed towards the surrounding land- scape – an idea that serves as the basis of the design concept. The designs and the completed buildings of Gerber Architekten succeed in bringing to- gether the interplay of open and closed, light and shade, lightness, intimacy and functionality, so that spaces are created where people feel good. Name: Front Buildings of the Quarter of Nations Wilhelmsburg Category: Residential, New building Location: Hamburg, Germany Client: SAGA Siedlungsaktiengesellschaft Hamburg Architect: Gerber Architekten Competition: 2008 Construction Period: 05.2012 – 09.2014 Completion: 09.2014 GFA: 10.500 m² GV: 34.000 m³ Useable Area: 7.000 m²