Build Architecture Awards 2016

2016 Architecture Awards Build 63 Company: Drexel University Website: rexel’s Bachelor of Architecture curriculum offers a wide range of professional architecture courses to prepare students for careers in architecture and related fields. Drexel’s work/study program is an experiential-based learning model that comple- ments and provides an alternative to traditional studio-based programs. At the heart of the curriculum are the design studios where students are challenged to apply their knowledge acquired from the above disciplines to consequential design problems. The Drexel model provides a practical, high-quality education to those students who seek early exposure to daily architectural practice as well as an affordable alternative to students who could not otherwise be able to enter the profession. Allen outlines the pro- gramme’s mission and the techniques employed to achieve this. “The mission of the Drexel Architecture Program is to pursue architecture as a professional discipline by combining the rigors of the academy with the realities of contemporary architectural practice. The program does this by providing a strong, broadly based curriculum in the arts, humanities, social sciences and the applied sciences coupled with professional courses taught by an outstanding faculty who reflect the broad diversity of architectural practice today.” The practice of architecture requires a unique skill set—creative thinking and aesthetic sensitivity balanced with technical knowledge, cultural under- standing, and social responsibility, all coupled with the ability to commu- nicate effectively. Allen explains the programme’s approach to preparing students for work in the industry and ensuring that they have the necessary skills to flourish within the market. “Drexel’s work/study program assists students in finding positions in archi- tectural firms to work during the day and take classes at night. “In addition, our faculty is rooted in the industry. It is highly credentialed, including FAIA, PhDs and LEED certifications. Additionally, in addition to a robust and gifted full-time faculty we embrace our part-time professors who are notable working architects. Students receive direct feedback and instruc- tion from these professionals, and they gain insight into the working life of a contemporary architect through this exposure and the work/study program. “Alongside this, we fully utilize the rich variety of architecture of Philadel- phia. Local buildings from the 17th century up to current construction sites are a regular extension of our campus, and the Architecture program offers several unique study abroad programs which takes students to some of the world’s greatest architectural capitals.” As a final comment Allen talks us through the opportunities the department has going forward and how it intends to capitalise on these. “Looking to the future, there are a number of exciting developments for our firm which will provide us with some great opportunities for growth. With our colleagues in the Departments of Architecture & Interiors, Design, and Digital media, we have just launched a new Master’s program in Design Research which will enable students to explore this College’s strengths in the built environment, high tech fabrication, and design thinking. We are also in the final stages of planning for an innovative new graduate program that will focus on a holistic view of urban environments which will launch in September 2017. “Excitingly, our Architecture Program is among the first 14 programs in the country to be accepted into a new initiative spearheaded by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). The Integrated Path Initiative will give students the opportunity to achieve licensure before graduation—an important innovation affording Drexel architecture students the chance to jumpstart their careers through their studies, work experience, and licensure examinations.” Drexel University BUILD Academia Award: Drexel University’s Architectural Programme Drexel University is a Philadelphia based learning organisation with a dedicated architectural programme. We invited Allen Sabinson, the Dean of Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, to talk us through the programme and its dedication to producing the leading architectural innovators of the future. D AR160109