Build Architecture Awards 2016

2016 Architecture Awards Build London is a challenging city for architecture and construction at the moment, but Alan believes that there is a way through. “The acme of the national housing crisis is within the capital, and we continue to invest our time and efforts seeking ways to address the long term issues of economic housing provision. Dealing with a quagmire of red tape and bureaucracy on every new project, within a constantly changing regulatory framework and local planning authorities with dramatically paired back budgets which can lead to many projects taking years to achieve planning consent, and this in a climate where there is often minimal design and construction budgets available for quality architecture as land prices soar, means we are always using our design skills to maximise the potential of every development, and combining this with our knowledge of materials costs to provide our clients with design solutions that offer more for less.” Looking to the future, it is overcoming the housing crisis and creating homes fit for the modern world which continues to be the firm’s focus, according to Alan. “Going forward, we continue to research new and lateral solutions for the provision of economic housing to meet the demands of an increasing population. London has experienced a surge of single person occupancy homes, and we are presently examining designs for a new micro-flats solution for this growing sector of the population, combining space saving designs with sustainable offsite modular construction and technological innovations in energy management, as a novel approach to affordable community city living, that if adopted, may be an appropriate model for 21st century living. “Our experience working within residential typology has benefited much of our work, as repeat business from loyal and long term clients who know and trust our capabilities, and regularly provide us with new interesting sites and fresh challenges to achieve solutions for. Our growing reputation and expanding portfolio of projects, particularly within the niche of back land or urban infill sites, keeps us busy, and has also enabled us to branch out into other project typologies and at much larger scales. As such we are looking forward to the opportunities the growth of our business and these new projects will bring.”