Build Architecture Awards 2016

Build 2016 Architecture Awards 26 tudio Rinaldi was founded in New York and have always worked for international Clients, who admired the mission of the prac- tice and the multicultural openness and background. Studio Rinaldi gained throughout the projects an identity, a taste for com- bining the existing and the new, balancing both elements with respect and attention. The practice views each new project as a unique opportunity with innovative and dynamic possibilities. Stefania explains how this approach ensures clients receive a quality project every time. “Here at Studio Rinaldi we work closely with Clients to fully understand their expectations and establish a shared vision; following the projects all the way, from the initial concept to construction, striving to fulfil each client’s wishes. We are dedicated to bringing every project to its highest level of design. As a RIBA Chartered Practice we are committed to achieve the best performance, design quality, service and to comply with effectiveness the guidelines of our profession.” The last project completed by the company compromises two new Storey side extensions, a glass Conservatory a new paved deck area and garden, a new front cast iron gate and railings, for a house in the neighbour of St John Wood. The house is a mid-to-late 20th Century semi-detached house located within the St John’s Wood Conservation Area, described as having a ‘mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced properties set in generous gardens and along a network of wide, tree lined streets.’ Stefania outlines the challenges the firm had to work around in order to create an outcome that would meet the client’s requirements. “Our challenge was to deliver a traditional design, to integrate the new extensions within the existing property. To overcome this our approach was to develop from the outside space of the garden. The paved area and steps are holding together the different volumes integrating them in all one. We are proud of the distribution of the spaces, not only we achieve a better use of them we also conceive them harmoniously with the surrounding. “While we are more involved in contemporary design, we liked to develop a design respectful of the Client’s and Planning conditions and to integrate the new additions in the landscape.” The client requirements aimed to respect the style of the house, to have a traditional glass Conservatory, to be able to enjoy the outside with a new paved area and to have a comfortable and stylish access from the garden to the street. Architecture has always been a discipline close to the political and socials environment, and as such, Stefania believes that the future for the market will be defined in the coming months as the UK looks to the future following the Brexit vote. “In the future, we need to think about the transformation of the cities and of the countryside, how much communication and technology is changing our way of life, how people’s mobility will influence the habitat, how the ecosystem can be integrated with industrialisation. A lot of topics need to be addressed and the challenge is to incorporate these into architecture of tomorrow. “Following Brexit, it is my belief that architecture will suffer if the political decision will embrace the restriction of trades and movements of people. Our profession should be founded in openness unfortunately we are close to a setback which can be dangerous and obscure.” Going ahead, Stefania is looking forward to expanding the firm and moving into new markets. “Currently we are happy with our residential work, however in the future we would like to be able to go more into the development and commercial sec- tors. Additionally, we would like to do more competitions, have time to do pro Bono projects and more theoretical work which would balance the majority of the work addressed to private clients. Best Bespoke High End Residential Architecture 2016 & Best Environmentally Sensitive Residential Extension: St John Wood House Studio Rinaldi is an international architecture and interior design firm based in London, specializing in residential, commercial and landscape projects. We invited Stefania Rinaldi to tell us more. S