Build Architecture Awards 2016

2016 Architecture Awards Build “In our region of Germany, Munich, we have no land left and the few plots are extremely expensive. So the challenge right now is building affordable housing, refurbishing old buildings and converting empty spaces. Also with new energy regulations almost every other year we have to carefully take care of the historic fabric and historic preserved buildings. With more people moving to the city daily we soon will need to use every roof and leftover spaces. We work with the city officials and the responsible offices and energy /climate consultants to achieve the challenges we are facing right now. This can only work as a team effort and YES Architecture is committed to this.” As her final comment Ruth outlines the firm’s plans for the future and how it will continue to evolve in order to build upon its current success. “Going forward, the plan for our company’s future is to focus on geriatric design in housing and in building products. We founded a company called Y-AGE, which we believe will help make architecture more topical and contemporary. We look forward to the oppertunites this new firm will bring and will relish overcoming the challenges we will face as we try to make residential housing as design focused as commercial projects.” “We recently contributed to various competitions, lectures and discussions regarding the challenges facing cities in europe and germany after the 2015 influx of migrants. This lead to various design challenges for architects, who had to rapidly create modular, fast erectable architecture, which complimented the urban fabric as well as provided humane housing for the cities newest members. Our designs studies received various recognition in the “Wohnraum für Alle, 2016” showcase, and we continue to provide prototypes for these new housing typologies for various clients, including the city of Munich.” * YES Architecture is an office run by Prof. Ruth Berktold in Munich, Berlin and New York. This office is not to be confused with the office Yes-Wicher in Graz.