Build Architecture Awards 2016

Build 2016 Architecture Awards 122 Company: Xabier Barrutieta Architects Name: Xabier Barrutieta Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Carlos I Ave. 28, 20011 San Sebastian, Spain Telephone: +34 658739901 stablished in 2003, Xabier Barrutieta Architects offer projects which are defined by their innovative natures and focus on sustainability. Xabier is keen to discuss the firm’s latest project, MiramArt, a very singular and inspiring intervention in a pedes- trian tunnel in the heart of San Sebastian. “Our most recent project here at Xabier Barrutieta Architects was MiramArt, a passage which connects the two beaches of the gorgeous bay of San Sebastian. It was a meaningless place that we transformed into an inspiring urban experience combining Art+ Architecture+ Technology+ City by the celebration of the European Cultural Capital in 2016.” “An artwork by the local artist V. Goikoetxea reproduces an abstract submarine sensation and covers 225m2 of the inner surface of the vault. A last generation lighting system and smart technology components are also part of the project. Sensors count passers-by and generate information of people’s flow at real time. The project was financed by private donations at 90%, which also meant an innovative way to make happen such kind of singular projects.” What truly sets the firm apart, according to Xabier, is this dedication to inno- vation and commitment to design meaningful spaces for the people. “Architecture is about people and we want to design for their well being. Our approach is to create surroundings where people intuitively feel good, by creating sustainable, healthy and inspiring environments. We applied this vision at different scales, for example in the campus Orona Ideo, which has become a benchmark in sustainable and green architecture in the country. Now we continue designing the inner ecosystem of spaces in the university building of the campus with, which allow us approach to the real life of the built spaces through.” Moving forward, Xabier is keen to build upon the firm’s current success and grow its service offering in order to better support clients. “We are looking towards new sources of knowledge, participating in univer- sity teaching and making applied research in our projects. For example, we are analysing the real performance data of our latest buildings to see the success of the applied sustainable design strategies, so that we can learn lessons from them. In the future we plan to strengthen long term the links with companies, with the aim to offer our design and project consultancy also for the development of their businesses. We believe this will help us find new niches in the outskirts of the traditional architecture business, and we look forward to the opportunities this will bring us.” Xabier Barrutieta Architects Architect of the Year 2016 - Basque Country Xabier Barrutieta Architects is an architecture practice specialising in designing and man- aging singular projects. We invited the firm’s Head Architect Xabier Barrutieta to talk us through its work philosophy and service offering. E AR160146