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BUILD Campaign Name 2023 Sustainable Building Awards 2023 BUILD Magazine is proud to unveil the Sustainable Building Awards 2023! This popular programme is now in its sixth year and continues to be an essential guide to the leading companies driving growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding industry. The Sustainable Building Awards 2023 will once again highlight the latest developments in energy-efficiency, circular construction, green building tech, sustainable materials, and more. Here at BUILD, we are dedicated to awarding those who are excelling in these areas and going above and beyond to place ecological concerns at the forefront of their construction projects. Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to incorporate sustainable building procedures throughout every stage of a project, to reduce the adverse effects the construction industry has on the environment. Data from the World Green Building Council shows that the sector is responsible for over a third of global energy consumption and related carbon emissions. In response, many governments and international institutions are now implementing initiatives to combat this, providing financial incentives to companies who commit to becoming net-zero by an agreed date. Editorial Team Sofi Parry - Senior Editor Website: Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Joshua Beardsmore- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Michelle Strozykowski- Writer Matthew Wright- Writer Ali Mohammed- Junior Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Habitat28: Most Innovative Housing Affordability & Sustainability Enterprise 2023 - Canada 6. mate. Circadian Rhythm Lighting: Best Sustainable Wellness Lighting Product 2023: M8-TW-ULTRA 8. Arrowstreet: Best Net Zero Architecture & Design Firm 2023 - USA 10. Karndean Designflooring: Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Company 2023 - Australia 12. HPSH Inc.: Most Innovative Hybrid Structure Technology Firm 2023 - Canada 14. AI Farming Technology Ltd.: Leading Innovators in Sustainable Space & Agriculture 2023 16. Eco Renovation: Best Eco Home Renovation Publication 2023: Beginner's Guide to Eco Renovation 17. True Modular Building: Most Innovative Modular Building Company 2023 – Netherlands & Best Sustainable Componentised Building System 2023: Orange Kit 18. Bartosz Dendura PA Studio4SPACE: Best Boutique Sustainable Architecture Firm 2023 - Europe

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Nov23280 Most Innovative Housing Affordability & Sustainability Enterprise 2023 - Canada

5 Ontario-based Habitat28 specialises in providing its clients with prefabricated tiny houses that are not only affordable and sustainable, but also stylish and sprinkled with touches of luxury throughout. Built in the company’s native Canada to certification standard, these houses have been expertly insulated to make them perfect for the weather conditions brought about by all four seasons. They are also Ontario Building Code compliant, and with every project overseen by a builder boasting almost 30 years of experience in the industry, homes are certain to be completed to the highest standard and quality. Whether customers seek a rental suite for their gardens, an instant cottage, a business kiosk, or any one of the hundreds of possible uses, Habitat28’s tiny houses serve as the perfect solution. We speak with Head of Operations Shailesh Poddar, who tells us more about the company’s dedication to affordable and sustainable business. Sitting atop 7 years of planning and 2 years of engineering prior to its establishment in 2022, the passion behind Habitat28 is clearly apparent, and the business has evolved into a true industry pioneer, offering innovative tiny home designs perfect for those seeking affordable, sustainable housing solutions. The team advocating for homes of the future to be both energy efficient and sustainable with a smaller footprint highlights an innate dedication to our planet, and a groundbreaking affordability initiative programme has been implemented for the purposes of tackling the issues of affordable housing, with this commitment bridging the gap between people’s limited resources and skyrocketing house costs. Habitat28 is today a recognised and celebrated name in the tiny house movement and serves an array of clients that include individuals and families looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional home ownership. Every home built by the company is done so to achieve the shared vision of embracing sustainable living methods that do not have to compromise on luxury, with the team having garnered a reputation for its sustainable practise and unwavering dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Spurring this on is the business’ dedication to a series of core values, with innovation and client satisfaction joining sustainability and affordability to comprise the four cornerstones of Habitat28. Across the sustainability sector, Habitat28 embodies a crucial role, with its perspective being shaped by a desire to provide affordable housing and increase the sustainability of homes more generally through raising awareness of the impact traditional housing has on the environment. Over the past few years, the team have noticed considerable changes within the sustainability sector, with increased awareness and demand, key technological advancements, a shift towards compact ways of living, the emergence of a strong link between community and social sustainability, and a renewed emphasis on affordability all combining to dictate the needs of the market. Every project undertaken by the firm is treated as wholly unique, and the team’s extensive use of modelling has ultimately a fostered a culture where perpetual learning, reengineering, and adaptability are all championed. This allows Habitat28 to adapt swiftly and remain at the very forefront of design sphere, exceeding the high environmental standards it holds itself to. For the company, a great deal of emphasis is placed upon the customisability of its homes, client collaboration, integrating sustainability, maximising a home’s functionality, and delivering a quality product to a client in a timely manner. The approach taken by the company is one that can be described as holistic and client centric, with these spaces being created to go beyond being merely functional, rather inspiring and enhancing the quality of life. One such way that this is achieved is by fostering wellness, as a smaller space subsequently results in a reduction in clutter and the supporting of mental clarity. Across its solutions, there is too a keen emphasis on pushing the boundaries, and the company’s designs, “reflect a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability”, as Shailesh describes, ultimately empowering a client throughout the process and beyond. Recent years have seen tiny home manufacturing increase considerably in popularity, and the competition today is fierce as a result. Habitat28 is nevertheless a trailblazer, “standing out as the first to market without wheels”, thus making the homes, “an appreciating asset once installed”, as Shailesh explains. There are also a series of unique selling points that have constantly redefined the business as the ultimate choice for clients, chief among these being the company’s continued investment in the latest technologies and design solutions, guaranteeing that its homes are contemporary and certifiably future proof. Another key area that sets Habitat28 apart is its versatility and drive to provide affordable luxury. The versatile nature of the business allows it to offer clients custom layouts, features, and functionalities for their homes based on each individuals’ unique requirements, choosing layout configurations and interior finishes, whether this be for a residential or commercial application. As for luxury, Shailesh explains, “we challenge the notion that luxury comes at a high cost, making it accessible to a broader demographic. By leveraging innovative design and cost-effective solutions, we provide luxurious living expenses without breaking the bank.” Not only do this team of tiny home builders craft an expertly designed, affordable, and sustainable solution for their clients, but they also provide resources, tips, and useful information on how individuals can bring eco-friendly living into their daily routines, beyond just their new home tiny homes. Continuing to place an emphasis on this is just one of the ways that the team at Habitat28 are ensuring that the future of the firm is exciting, ambitious, and righteous. Another notable project in the pipeline is the opening of the company’s new Discovery Centre, with this set to serve not just as a showcase for its homes, but also the broader benefits of a lifestyle involving tiny living. Moreover, franchising is set to be another key element in the firm, with Shailesh stating, “we are exploring more franchising opportunities to extend our reach and make sustainable living more accessible.” Other projects include continuing to innovate with models, placing units in areas of natural beauty such as above rivers and lakes, and continuing to focus on providing a service that is based around exceeding client expectations. Q1/Q2 of 2024 is set to be a particularly thrilling time, with two new models soon to be released that are tailored to the everevolving needs of clients. As Shailesh describes, “these releases signify our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and providing versatile solutions for a wide range of lifestyles.” Habitat28 is seeking continual growth throughout the next several years, and as part of this strategy, is set to enter into new markets, including Europe and North America, significantly expanding the amount of people that can attain a sustainable, customisable housing solution. By making tiny homes accessible to a global audience, retaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability and affordable housing, as well as possessing excellent customer service skills that are sure to leave clients satisfied, Habitat28 has solidified itself in the industry, and is more than deserving of this Sustainable Building Award celebrating its dedication to the cause and prowess within the sustainable tiny homes market. Contact Details Contact: Shailesh Poddar Company: Habitat28 Web Address:

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Supported by meticulous research, the M8-TW-ULTRA is designed to align with the natural daily rhythms of the body. Paired with tunable fixtures, Mate provides patients in senior living and healthcare facilities with improved wellness and better sleep patterns. Caregivers can also benefit from these solutions, resulting in better overall patient care. As well as improving wellbeing, its lighting systems are renowned for their outstanding energy efficiency. In comparison to traditional LED lighting, Circadian Rhythm Lighting saves clients and facilities more than 60% in energy consumption. Mate’s solutions are not only cost-effective but also contribute towards a more sustainable future. Circadian rhythms are the natural physical, mental, and behavioural changes that the body repeats roughly every 24 hours. New research has revealed the effects that lighting has on human physiology. Tuneable LEDs not only contribute to energy savings, but also support circadian synchronisation and the needs of patients, staff, and visitors in healthcare settings. Circadian Rhythm Lighting creates solar scenes Best Sustainable Wellness Lighting Product 2023: M8-TW-ULTRA Mate is dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions through the application of Circadian Rhythm Lighting. The company aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry by introducing lighting systems that promote wellness and restful sleep for patients and foster sustainability for facilities. Its affordable and energy-efficient offerings deliver lighting that expertly mimics the sun’s cycle to establish a daily rhythm. For its pioneering lighting solutions, Mate Circadian Rhythm Lighting has received our award for Best Sustainable Wellness Lighting Product: M8-TW-ULTRA. that mimic the sun’s cycle with colour temperature and dimming used to generate a restful environment. The company is driven by its mission to enhance health and wellbeing while simultaneously fostering environmental sustainability. Circadian Rhythm Lighting is inspiring revolutionary change in the healthcare sector with solutions that benefit both patients and the planet. Its clients include clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical facilities, and senior living campuses. Mate often collaborates with Life Safety & Communication Integrators like Lone Star Communications in Houston, Texas, who install the system for healthcare facilities. Mate also provides this lighting solution to commercial, educational and industrial settings. Last year, Houston Methodist Hospital’s Innovation Lab installed Circadian Rhythm Lighting, with the support of Lone Star Communications, to improve its patient care and staff wellbeing. The hospital successfully integrated the lighting solution to fulfil its

7 commitment to embracing technological advancements and enhancing healthcare experiences. Circadian Rhythm Lighting has received many glowing testimonials, including one from Cliff Switzer, Healthcare Innovations Specialist at Lone Star Communications, adds, “Implementing circadian lighting technology was an eye-opener for us. Witnessing its impact on reducing energy consumption while maintaining optimal lighting conditions has been a remarkable experience. It's a clear indicator of how technology can be harnessed for environmental and wellness benefits using circadian lighting solutions manufactured by Mate.” Whether a project is for a newer build or renovation, Mate works with specifiers and/ or installers to implement its pioneering lighting solutions. By reviewing the floor plan prior to the construction stage, the collaborators can propose a quote or proposal. Circadian Rhythm Lighting can also be integrated into architect or designer specification software to help clients visualise the design. The M8-TWULTRA outshines competitors with its ease of installation. The setup process is straightforward with little programming needed onsite. Mate continues to take proactive measures to nurture sustainability and strengthen connections within communities. Circadian Rhythm Lighting provides substantial benefits for clients by lowering operating costs and helping them contribute to a greener environment. By running its manufacturing and assembly operations within the state of Oklahoma, the company supports the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint. These decisions support Mate’s core values of community engagement and environmental responsibility. With an extensive patent portfolio, Mate remains at the forefront of its industry and has exclusive rights to specific technological advancements in the field. Its hardwired approach offers clients assurance that lighting will remain stable and minimise any disruptions which is essential when serving vulnerable individuals. In the competitive lighting industry, Mate distinguishes itself from competitors with its commitment to local manufacturing. By keeping its operations within the United States, the company can guarantee high quality products, consistent availability, and reduce its carbon footprint. Mate remains steadfast in its support for the local economy and commitment to minimising its environmental impact. Looking to the future, Mate Circadian Rhythm Lighting aims to expand into the wider commercial market. While the business currently prioritises the healthcare industry, its innovative solutions are flexible and perfectly positioned to benefit the broader commercial sector. Industrial and large commercial facilities can benefit from significant energy savings and a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of their organisations. In the coming year, Mate will launch the Energy Usage & Fixture Monitoring Dashboard, a browser based local console designed to track fixture outages and energy savings in real time. This state-of-the-art technology will provide a thorough overview of a facility’s lighting system’s performance which will ultimately optimise efficiency and dependability. Mate is a forerunner in its industry for the innovation of M8-TW-ULTRA and its pioneering innovation in healthcare systems. The company is dedicated to revolutionising the healthcare landscape by supporting the wellbeing and sleep patterns of patients, caregivers, and visitors and promoting sustainability. Supported by scientific studies, Circadian Rhythm Lighting is designed to reinforce circadian synchronisation and enhance users’ health and wellness. The team at Mate are passionate about providing tangible benefits to clients with userfriendly installation and significant energy savings. With core values of community engagement and environmental responsibility, Mate will continue to innovate its lighting solutions to provide customers with superior products that are both cost-effective and sustainable. Mate and its revolutionary solutions have received our award for this year’s Best Sustainable Wellness Lighting Product: M8-TW-ULTRA. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: mate. Circadian Rhythm Lighting Web Address:

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Dec23228 Best Net Zero Architecture & Design Firm 2023 - USA

9 Since its inception all the way back in 1961, Arrowstreet has been a pioneer in designing to create a union between social, health, environmental, and economic benefits for the communities it touches. The firm’s work, primarily focused on commercial buildings and urban planning, has become synonymous with the ambition to reshape the building industry. Arrowstreet is undoubtedly the collective leading the charge. Join us as we dig a little deeper to uncover just how this architecture and design firm has developed award-winning, net zero projects time and time again over the past decade. Founded on the hopes that the United States building industry could be changed for the better to improve the lives of communities, Arrowstreet has spent its years researching, developing, and evolving in pursuit of its ambitious goal. Arrowstreet contributes to a more sustainable built environment through its work, using architectural design, experience design, decarbonization planning, and research to secure a more conscious approach towards the craft as a whole. This further manifests through the firm’s commitment to developing solutions that are, like its projects, built to last. However, it manages to balance this exceptional level of quality with a keen focus on resilience and wellness, in tandem with carbon, waste, and water reduction. 2014 marked the largest shift for the company towards decarbonization altering their practice to align with the pressing needs of our environment. Taking the initiative, Arrowstreet began researching how buildings could play a part in solving the climate crisis, and it quickly recognised net zero carbon buildings were the answer to this question. Thus, within that same year, it began working on its very first net zero project. This opportunity transcended the simple process of designing; it became a stimulus for industry change, the likes of which the sector hadn’t really seen up until this point. Arrowstreet capitalised on the opportunity to transform its first net zero project into a consistent mode of practise, culminating in the firm that we see today. Using its initial design as a catalyst, Arrowstreet began pursuing the choice to make this a mainstream part of its practice. Though there were many lessons to learn, and obstacles aplenty, Arrowstreet managed to expertly apply its knowledge, achieving over 3 million square feet of sustainable buildings in the US to date. Arrowstreet was one of the first design and architecture firms to eagerly encourage this change within the industry, and yet this isn’t its only achievement. In addition to advancing the net zero movement through its project work, it also ensured an ease of access. Whether it’s providing educational programs at events, writing articles, supporting peer firms, educating clients and students on the importance of sustainable building, or delivering technical advice, Arrowstreet is committed to seeing that the rest of the industry can follow its lead. Arrowstreet is incredibly passionate about bestowing others with the tools to engage in the net zero movement, and has already gone the extra mile to assist multiple organisations in reshaping the ways in which they approach their next big projects. Imbued with passion and purpose, every Arrowstreet commission is treated with the utmost respect. The collective recognises that its work is having a real difference, within the lives of its clients and the planet as a whole. At its core, Arrowstreet hopes to revolutionize the built environment – a pursuit that places it at the forefront of innovation. The net zero movement is gaining traction by the year, and Arrowstreet is determined to see that this remains the case as we work our way through 2024. Contact Details Contact: Kate Bubriski, Principal, Director of Sustainability & Building Performance Company: Arrowstreet Web Address:

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 The year is 1973. The very year that a new vision came to be – to disassemble the preconceived notion that vinyl floor should only be practical, and create a new approach that married beauty and pragmatism to create a new, luxury flooring unlike anything on the market at the time. In order to realise this vision, Karndean Designflooring was born. Initially operating as a small business, with a team that worked out of its founder’s family home, Karndean Designflooring quickly saw its influence spreading further across the globe with every passing year. Now, it’s known far and wide for its passion for delivering striking, innovative designs that capture the beauty of the natural world in each and every one of their flooring designs. For over five decades, Karndean Designflooring has been identifying how to create a range of vinyl flooring that reflects everything the company stands for. Just one glance at its catalogue is enough to signal that this goal was, and is still being, accomplished to this day. Not only is it a leader in luxury vinyl flooring, but it has established a whopping nine ranges, each spanning three vinyl flooring formats – namely Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring Company 2023 - Australia Having just celebrated half a century of evolution and innovation, Karndean Designflooring is a company whose tenure perfectly captures the journey from humble family business to industry leading phenomenon. Renowned for its premium luxury vinyl flooring, inspired by the beauty of nature, Karndean Designflooring eliminates the distinction between manmade and natural, instead uniting them in perfect harmony through its ambitious collection of luxury vinyl floorings. Join us as we venture through the company’s history, and how its portfolio and services have become synonymous with sustainable luxury. glue down, loose lay, and rigid core hybrid. Whether it’s catering to residential or commercial projects, Karndean Designflooring applies an unwavering passion that began fifty years ago. This passion has, of course, been honed over the years, and is now represented by the company’s driving ethos – ‘designing for life’. It’s this very mindset that lends to the sustainability of Karndean Designflooring’s vinyl flooring. Partnered with the company’s detailed, eco-friendly roadmap, Karndean Designflooring has played a key role in encouraging a variety of practises and businesses throughout Australia to follow suit. Though some may hear the world ‘vinyl’ and ponder whether or not it can be truly sustainable, Karndean Designflooring has found a way to strike the perfect balance through the sheer quality of its ranges. By committing itself to luxury, the company promises a longevity that greatly exceeds the lifespan of typical vinyl flooring. As such, customers receive beautiful flooring inspired by the whimsy of nature that’s specifically engineered to stand the test of time. All of these factors coalesce in an ecologically conscious business model, of which Karndean Designflooring is clearly proud.

11 However, this isn’t Karndean Designflooring’s only method of upholding its sustainable framework. On the contrary, due to its origins being deeply tied into innovation, the company has taken steps to ensure this also applies to its environmental impact. From confronting climate change through a drastic carbon footprint reduction – one where it prioritises energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to meets its science-based targets for greenhouse gas reduction – to making full use of sustainable resources in order to conserve the natural world, Karndean Designflooring displays an awareness that’s beyond admirable. It seeks to protect the world from which its vinyl floorings draw inspiration, ultimately resulting in a luxury brand who has never once exploited nature in order to thrive. It’s this very characteristic that defines Karndean Designflooring as a collective. Nature is its muse – the very topic that kickstarted its fifty years of excellence. It’s what set it on its journey of adapting, perfecting, and delivering products that harmonise aesthetics and durability – products that are now recognised on a global scale for their luxurious qualities. This unique origin has paved the way forward for Karndean Designflooring. Now, it’s able to offer customers more than just a floor; it can provide them with something unique, personal, and, above all else, kind to the world around us. Sustainability is the new frontier, and it’s one that Karndean Designflooring has focused on and will continue to focus on. Combined with Karndean Designflooring’s exceptionally high degree of design capability – a culmination of over fifty years specialising in representing the natural world via its luxury vinyl flooring – and its love for travelling the world in order to source the finest, and most unique, materials, the company has truly earned its place in the spotlight. Throughout its history, Karndean Designflooring has remained focused on hand-picking both its designs and materials to create a balanced selection for clients. As such, there’s no shortage of bespoke natural depictions to choose from. This tantalising uniqueness is what customers have come to expect from Karndean Designflooring, truly defining it as an expert in its respective field of luxury. When investing in a vinyl flooring from Karndean Designflooring, clients can be sure that they’ll receive an end result that’s specifically built to last. Its designs are timeless, feature the highest degree of quality, and are manufactured using some of the industry’s leading premium materials. Karndean Designflooring is a master of transcending normality, resulting in a beautiful collection of flooring options to suit any space. Whether this is a result of its tireless research and trend prediction, or simply a product of the company’s keen understanding of the level of quality that clients deserve, Karndean Designflooring has undeniably earned the right to call itself Australia’s go-to for luxury vinyl flooring. BUILD Magazine is focused on seeking out the most creatively and technically innovative companies that the industry has to offer. As such, we’re delighted to shed some light on Karndean Designflooring. For fifty years, it has been providing individuals with flawless vinyl flooring that represents everything the company stands for. Karndean Designflooring is a brand that has gone beyond the industry’s limitations in ambitious ways, and the result is a comprehensive catalogue of vinyl flooring tiles that depict the overwhelming creativity of each individual under the Karndean Designflooring umbrella. We can’t wait to see what new designs and products it produces as we progress further into 2024. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: Karndean Designflooring Web Address:

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Born from the research activities of Pr. Radhouane Masmoudi, P.Eng., PhD, FIIFC, and FCSCE, HPSH is a new startup with big ambitions to recreate the ways in which experts approach sustainable build projects. This most clearly manifests through the all-new hybrid structures that mark HPSH’s specialty. These high performance structures, imbued with a high strength-to-weight ratio, bring together an outer fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) tube (Figure1) and reinforced concrete cast within said tube to increase compression strength on an exceptional scale. As such, these structures are able to fight against premature cracking, while simultaneously Most Innovative Hybrid Structure Technology Firm 2023 - Canada Sustainability is a concept that finds its foundation in longevity. In order for a structure to be considered sustainable, it has to prove that it’s able to persevere. Created around this very form of inspiration is HPSH, a firm that specialises in the art of producing hybrid structures. From design, all the way through to the construction process, HPSH has devoted itself to developing the future of high-performance hybrid projects. Below, we take a closer look into how. protecting reinforced concrete against deicing salts and corrosion (Figure 2b, 2c). The end result is a concrete structure that boasts an extended service life – one that requires little to no additional input in order to maintain it. HPSH goes on to explain how its ingenious structure functions, detailing that – “The inner FRP tube is integrated inside the outer tube, which not only creates the void and thus reduces the dead weight, but also adds to the tensile reinforcement. Thusly, this increases the load-bearing capacities. Recent tests have shown that HPSH beams have 30% Contact: Radhouane Masmoudi Company: HPSH Inc. Web Address: less weight compared to a conventional reinforced concrete beam, but has up to 400% more bearing capacity (Figure 3).” Though seeming straightforward in concept, the execution of such an incredible structure was only made possible through HPSH’s ambitious Founder, Inventor, and CEO. Pr. Radhouane Masmoudi has broken the mould, and the industry has finally started to notice. When working alongside clients, HPSH distinguishes individuals based on the type of manufactured products required. Examples include utility applications, wherein utility pole foundations, lighting poles, and concrete pipes are often paired with municipalities, the department of transportations, and electrical and phone distribution companies. However, for some infratsructure applications, the firm conducts projects utilising its patented, innovative technology – namely its HPSH columns and utility-pole foundations These technologies were deployed in collaboration with the Campus of Bishop University and the City of Sherbrooke, just to name a few (Figure 4). Of course, in order to create such a successful and flourishing collective, HPSH has kept itself intrinsically linked to the core values that first propelled it on its journey forward. Demonstrating an exceptional level of eco-consciousness, the firm takes full responsibility for the impact that its manufacturing processes have. Before it begins the design and marketing of any new products, it seeks to reduce its CO2 footprint to the lowest level possible. After all, its products are designed Figure 1. HPSH Design Innovation Figure 2a. Conventional Beam Figure 2b. HPSH Beam, fully-filled Figure 2c. HPSH Beam, Partially filled (30% less concrete)

13 Figure 3. HPSH flexural performance versus conventional beams. Conventional beam (blue curve) to reflect this value, and HPSH is determined to capture this within its own processes. However, arguably the most integral part of HPSH’s approach to its craft is its unrelenting dedication to quality. As mentioned prior, sustainability is centered around a project being able to last, and it’s this very characteristic that perseveres throughout all of the firm’s products. Each one is manufactured to the highest standard, with every hybrid material optimised for the best results. Its products are specifically designed to withstand even the most aggressive environments, so upholding an astounding level of quality is paramount. Partnered with its intrinsic understanding of innovation, HPSH has engineered a genius methodology that helps its products achieve such resounding sustainability. Serving as the inspiration for the company, innovation has always been a focal point around which HPSH has adapted. Sustainability and longterm durability are equally essential, but it’s the firm’s knack for looking beyond current industry trends that makes it truly special. Its team is filled with experts who, leveraging their extensive prowess in research and development, have managed to devise the perfect framework for every part of the process – from concept to manufacturing, and even follow-up training. The aim is to make a real difference, and there’s no doubt that HPSH’s products have already accomplished this feat time and time again. HPSH has spent its tenure tirelessly honing its products, all in the name of sustainability. Its catalogue is nothing if not a unique breakthrough – one that is geared to change the very ways in which the build industry approaches manufacturing in the coming years. Its technology benefits both clients and the planet alike, resulting in the ability to learn each and every day. In turn, HPSH grants itself the opportunity to continuously build upon the inspired selection it has already created. Whether being utilised by clients, engineers, architectures, or end-users, HPSH promises a spectrum of products, each able to play a critical role in the construction of beautiful architectural structures that are bound to stand the test of time. Possessing such a clear understanding of what innovation means to it on a fundamental level, HPSH is able to keep moving forward for the betterment of people, and the planet, as a whole. Its work, in short, is truly revolutionary, and yet the firm is still deliberating on just how it can further improve its output on a larger scale. From new planned partnerships, to its avid pursuit of obtaining funding for a new cuttingedge production plant, HPSH is pushing itself each day to stay at the forefront of the race towards a more sustainable future. We’re so very excited to see where this venture takes both HPSH and its team in 2024. Contact: Radhouane Masmoudi, P.Eng., PhD., FIIFC, FCSCE [email protected] Company: HPSH Inc. Web Address: Figure 4a. HPSH Utility Pole foundation Figure 4b. HPSH hybrid column

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Apr23339 AI Farming Technology are innovators in the agricultural and aerospace industries who are dedicated to creating a new standard for growing food through artificial intelligence and human experience. Using its patented AI platform and collaborative network, the business aims to enhance the value of farmland and increase food production for all. Its self-developed hardware uses data to generate action plans for farmers based on their environment and investment goals. AI Farming Technology’s objective is to place its technology into the hands of those working to solve the global food crisis. Its innovative work has led AI Farming Technology to receive this year’s award for Leading Innovators in Sustainable Space & Agriculture. LeadingInnovatorsinSustainable Space & Agriculture 2023

15 Established in 2017, AI Farming Technology is comprised of crop experts, young farmers, self-developed hardware, and its pioneering AI platform. Its core values focus on standardising farming related data that can be used anywhere in the world and even on other planets. The business is passionate about educating young farmers, providing sustainable jobs, and creating social and environmental links through effective food growing standards. It is AI Farming Technology’s overarching mission to solve food shortages and eventually ship food from other plants to Earth. Over the last ten years, the business has collected data from numerous crops to adapt its farmland operations for both indoor and outdoor growing. Its AI datadriven model has turned data into action to ensure that its devices and farming machinery will be sustainable outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The platform analyses how the environment affects the growth of crops and suggests improvements or actions to increase the yield. AI generates suggestions using historical data, growing results, and learning from human experience. In 2015, all the United Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AI Farming Technology has met six of these goals in its effort to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and tackle climate change. The NGO launched its operations in Africa and the UK to educate individuals on farmland management and help them grow food for themselves and their communities. AI Farming Technology also works to achieve food security by helping young farmers use AI tools and satellites to grow food in Africa. The company has used AI to fertilise abandoned farmland in Hong Kong and provide communities with the necessary tools to distribute food. AI Farming Technology delivers quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities. The Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP) is a training program for candidates who wish to start a career in the agricultural industry. The program allows individuals to experience over 30 hours of farmland activities and is designed to introduce the basics of AI and agricultural jobs. For its free classes for the community, the NGO has received a HKMA Hong Kong Sustainability Award. AI Farming Technology is also dedicated to providing individuals with access to affordable and sustainable energy. All its devices are powered by renewable energy. By growing with green energy, the company promotes sustainability and aims to increase the yield of organic food for everyone. At AI Farming Technology, the team innovates their hardware, software, firmware, and AI database internally. Its farming hardware collects and transmits data to a cloud-based database. AI then analyses the data, utilising the team’s extensive expertise for error correction, and generates detailed action plans for farmers. The hardware is easy to use and setup, and it is mobile-friendly with interactive navigation icons. The R&D team has invented their own algorithm designed for low energy usage. AI Farming Technology is currently the only company using low power to transfer data from Africa to satellites and back to Earth. To ensure success, the business employs state-of-the-art technology to lower the overall cost of farm operations and help increase the value of farmland. It is the objective of the Space AI Farming project to produce superfood on other planets. With machine learning IOT devices, clients can assess their land’s strengths and weaknesses to optimise their farming and increase crop yield. AI Farming Technology strives to inspire more people to utilize its technology and share their data to prepare for the future of farming in space. AI Farming Technology has a 50-year plan that aims to revolutionise the agricultural industry with sustainable farming and create a new standard for growing food through AI and human experience. Over the coming year, the NGO will recruit more schools to join its training program and provide essential food security to communities with its pioneering technology. Its sustainable development goals aim to transform the world by working with other organisations to solve the global food crisis by 2050. Dedicated to education and sustainability, the team at AI Farming Technology has successfully managed numerous farming projects and received several awards for their innovative work in the agricultural industry. Its patented devices and AI algorithm use data to generate action plans to help farmers meet their environmental and sustainability goals. Through a winning combination of historical data, growing results, and human experience, AI generates suggestions to adapt farming operations for different environments and increase crop yield to achieve food security. The NGO is committed to supporting the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by providing sustainable jobs and certification programs to the next generation of industry workers. It is inclusive, quality education helps individuals sustainably grow food for their communities and work towards the shared goal of reducing poverty and preserving the environment. For its pioneering work in the agricultural industry, AI Farming Technology has been honoured with our award for this year’s Leading Innovators in Sustainable Space & Agriculture. Contact: Philip Ng Company: AI Farming Technology Ltd. Web Address:

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 Best Eco Home Renovation Publication 2023: Beginner's Guide to Eco Renovation In the UK, most homes built before the 1990s are ‘leaky’: cold, uncomfortable and expensive to run. Draughts come from all sides - under the floor, through windows and doors, chimneys, the loft - and attempts to stay warm produce condensation and mould. According to the UN, leaky homes account for one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions across the world and 21% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Most homeowners are unaware that their house is adding to the climate problem, but they are likely to notice that their energy bills are higher than normal. For people with leaky homes, retrofitting is the perfect way to mitigate the impact on both the environment and their bank balance. Judith Leary-Joyce became acquainted with the retrofit process when work began on her Victorian home. What was initially a simple extension project soon transformed into a full retrofit, addressing everything from insulation to airtightness and ventilation. “It was a major learning curve that I found totally fascinating,” Judith comments. “We realised part way through a normal extension build that if we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, we needed to retrofit. Changing the brief midway meant we didn’t have eco builders, but they were happy to continue and work with us on this new and unfamiliar project.” Judith embarked on an educational journey, striving to learn as much as possible about the process by reading all the technical papers she could find and speaking to every available expert. She says, “We used sustainable products throughout and I found these providers particularly helpful. They really enjoyed that we were doing this for the climate, so took us under their wing.” Ultimately, the project had astounding results. Whilst Judith had been hoping for a 50% reduction in energy usage, she ended up saving 75%. On top of this, the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) changed from D to B, and its value increased by at least £90,000. Judith found that retrofitting became a regular topic of conversation for her, with many people keen to know what she did to her house. They often asked her if it made a difference and expressed their interest in doing the same to their own homes. It became clear that a lot of people would like to retrofit their homes but don’t know where to start. For this reason, she set out to write a simple guidebook that would provide readers with an overview of the process along with all the important terminology and direction, titling the publication ‘Beginner’s Guide to Eco Renovation’. “I knew my knowledge wasn’t comprehensive, so I found an eco-inspired architect to be my mentor,” Judith explains. “Julia Healey was a fantastic support, reading every word to ensure I was on the right track. She made adjustments and Following a lengthy career spanning the fields of teaching, social work, psychotherapy, and management coaching, Author Judith Leary-Joyce retired and soon began work on her Victorian home. Her experiences with renovating and retrofitting the property inspired her most recent publication, ‘Beginner’s Guide to Eco Renovation’, an easy-to-read manual that provides readers with a clear, concise layperson’s summary of the retrofit and renovation process. Here, we speak to her to find out more about the book. additions where necessary. When I moved out of her sphere, other experts generously stepped in to play the same role.” In ‘Beginner’s Guide to Eco Renovation’, Judith aims to simplify the complex and empower the reader to confidently engage with their builders. The book covers a range of topics, including sustainability, the difference between renovation and retrofit, and project planning and set-up. Finally, Judith dives into the retrofit process itself, encompassing all essential stages, from insulation to appliances to décor to recycling. In this, she includes real stories from her own experience, sharing both successes and failures. “I am the ordinary homeowner able to demonstrate that energy-saving, climate-saving retrofit is possible,” Judith summarises. “I hope with the help of this book that consumers will feel able to partner with the building profession, ensuring that sustainability is integrated into every project with a skip in the drive.” For her outstanding book, Judith Leary-Joyce has been awarded the title of Best Eco Home Renovation Publication in the Sustainable Building Awards 2023. We are pleased to congratulate her on this exceptional accomplishment and wish her the best of luck in the future. Contact: Judith Leary-Joyce Company: Eco Renovation Web Address: Instagram: @ecorenovationhome

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2023 taking extra time to engineer and prototype, construction is smoother and has a lower failure rate. Components are designed with granular details and employed like parts of a large jigsaw puzzle. TMB is a hybrid system and uses various building materials and add-ons that reduce weight and increase load bearing capacity. The Orange Kit is essentially a smart plug and play dynamic assembly system. Orange Kit components are sourced from TMB’s co-makers and regular suppliers, meaning that there is no high upfront investment in manufacturing facilities. The model has the potential for quick and easy upscaling. By delivering prefabricated ‘plug and play’ components to construction sites, TMB has created a system that is easily transportable to cope with increasing costs and the industry’s labour shortage. Through collaboration with like-minded partners, service providers, co-makers, and investors, TMB produces innovative products to create affordable housing. Industry veteran Carel van Duuren has used his family crest for TMB’s logo to demonstrate the business’s commitment to quality and authenticity. It is True Modular Building’s ambition to help decarbonise the construction industry and build a sustainable future. True Modular Building is currently setting up joint ventures around the world to market, order, and assemble residential buildings for communities. In December 2023, TMB set up its first ventures in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Each project will begin with the construction of 10 to 20 residential buildings. Founder Carel van Duuren established TMB as his legacy project in an effort to offer affordable housing, sequester carbon and promote sustainability throughout the value chain. With his holistic approach, he has created an innovative system capable of producing a diverse range of building types. This pioneering technology supports mass customisation and fast development while reducing costs and lowering emissions. TMB is dedicated to transforming the construction industry, with sustainable building materials and intelligent design, for generations to come. True Modular Building has received two Sustainable Building Awards for this year’s Most Innovative Modular Building Company – Netherlands and Best Sustainable Componentised Building System: Orange Kit. True Modular Building was established to help reduce the industry’s impact on carbon emissions and the depletion of natural resources. The building sector faces many problems and among them is the surplus production of waste and the high consumption of electricity. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is energy consumption with 40% of this energy consumed within buildings. TMB understands that people’s needs change over time and has designed its buildings with simple interchangeable components that are fully customisable. The size and weight, dimensions and structure, can be adjusted to remain cost-effective and use less overall material. Components are releasable and reusable to decrease waste and error costs during construction. Orange Kit platforms are agile to ensure that replacements and the latest materials can be integrated into the building with ease. Modularisation has futureproofed the Orange Kit. Carel van Duuren, Founder of True Modular Building Group, shares, “After working for many years with container kitchens, we created in 2016 our patented NxtGen Industrial building system, followed by our NxtGen Professional Kitchens building system in 2018. I have created a new building method and have the ambition to reshape the residential building industry with a holistic, modularised system. “TMB is a quasi-vertical spin-off in the real estate environment, controlling the quality of the entire building process. Keys to our business model are happy tenants and our end-to-end Orange-Kit building platform to control the production and the value chain. Our core belief is that modularization, technological innovation and digitalisation will transform the entire building lifecycle and will unleash the power to create affordable and scalable housing.” At TMB, the design process begins with selecting the fundamental building parts that cannot be broken down into smaller parts. The team engineers smart building sub-assemblies using minimum parts for easy assembly. By True Modular Building is on a mission to create affordable and sustainable BTR (Build to Rent) housing. TMB’s objective is to create, preserve, sustain and share value and provide substantial savings with its cost-effective modularized building system. The business aims to become a global real estate brand, renowned for its high-quality offerings and environmentally friendly Orange-Kit building system. The building method is designed to support mass customisation, fast development, and configurability. With its innovative platform, TMB has streamlined its processes for design, development, management, production and assembly. True Modular Building has received two Sustainable Building Awards for its innovative contributions to the construction industry. Most Innovative Modular Building Company 2023 – Netherlands & Best Sustainable Componentised Building System 2023: Orange Kit True Modular Building Contact: Carel van Duuren Company: True Modular Building Web Address: Two examples of residential communities Some of the fundamental characteristics of TMB system