Sustainable Building Awards 2022

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2022 4 ith his grandfather having owned a construction company, Barry O’Connor pretty much grew up on building sites, learning the ins and outs of construction, from project management to building to carpentry, and more. He went on to work for construction companies, gaining vast experience in site and project management. In the four years since Trusko’s establishment, Barry, Graham and the team have proven their next-level skillset, experience, and ability to deliver bespoke solutions for clients. They work with countless prestigious brands and demanding individuals who expect no less than an outstanding outcome for their construction project. Thus, each and every element of a project is scrutinised to ensure only the very best quality of work. These high standards are relayed to the company’s subcontractors and suppliers through high quality control procedures and best construction practices. The aim is to not only to deliver extraordinary results, but also to push the boundaries on current construction methods and processes to ultimately deliver a much more sustainable project lifecycle. The company takes the environment and the ways in which construction can impact it negatively very seriously. Barry tells us, “Construction is one of the biggest sectors impacting sustainability, receiving more pressure from the government and industry to adapt their operations as a response. Trusko is at the forefront of sustainability, and we actively challenge and drive our consultant teams to adopt this mindset as well.” The construction industry has changed in response to the mounting pressure from the government to act in favour of the environment. For instance, modern methods of construction (MMC) are increasing in popularity across the industry. Trusko has taken this methodology and implemented it within its current projects by utilising local workforces, bulk buying materials and mass deliveries, and managing onsite with storage facilities. It also implements a “reuse, retain, and repair” system internally to ensure its workforce retain and reuse materials or build over instead of demolishing. Furthermore, Trusko’s current Exeter project is a pilot of modular construction which will be rolled out in conjunction with the government to later form modular villages with a low carbon footprint. These will be made up of 45 new-build houses, designed to blend in with the character and nature of the existing historic villages, whilst being optimised for biodiversity. The vision for the project is to focus on beauty, nature, greenery, and safety, with all of the new houses benefiting from a pleasant cycle route, village green, orchard, wildflowers, permeable parking, and warm streetlights. Another notable project which has been completed by Trusko is its three-storey extension on top of existing flats in Harrow, Greater London. Several new flats were created using a steel structure and light steel walling system. A new lift was also installed, along with internal access amended and the entire cladding system being replaced to conform with EWS1. The location of the project did present a series of challenges, including transport and delivery of steel within the confined spaces of London, as well as suitable welfare for the workforce. The building remained occupied by residents whilst works were taking place which meant disruption needed to be kept to a minimum. If this wasn’t enough, Barry jokingly tells us, “We decided that project wasn’t challenging enough for us. We finished the project in Harrow and then delved straight into another distressed project with the same developer, a commercial to residential refurbishment comprising of 47 flats in StainesUpon-Thames”. The Trusko team will give this building a new lease for life, extending the building with a further two storeys and adding nine additional apartments with stunning views of the beautiful River Thames and surrounding area. Each apartment will be contemporarily and individually designed and styled with young professionals in mind to create new opportunities for firsttime buyers. Once again, logistics is a challenge, along with residents occupying the building and pedestrians everywhere. Overall, every Trusko project is interpreted from multiple areas and perspectives. Prior to taking on a project, the team considers if the end product and client would be suitable for the company and the way in which it manages and works. The W Best Bespoke Construction Management Company 2022 - UK Barry O’Connor relocated to Britain, from South Africa, in 2004 with a compounded background in construction. In 2018, he founded Trusko, a specialist construction company delivering bespoke services within principal contracting, with the help of an extensive and reliable supply chain. In light of the firm’s success within the Sustainable Building Awards 2022, we got in touch with CEO, Barry, and COO, Graham Cunningham, to learn more about what their team can do for clients. Nov22136