Sustainable Building Awards 2022

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2022 12 from preliminary and final design to executive and construction design, up to construction management and site accounting, including testing, covering the entire cycle of the work, from conception to commissioning, as well as subsequent monitoring.” With us every step of the way, the team is highly passionate about creating only the most sustainable, and a smooth operating systems. For example, its thermo-hydraulic, electrical, architectural, and solar thermal interventions were all designed and constructed with an advanced edge. Its team of seasoned experts within design and construction have prevailed throughout an onslaught of challenges – such as increasing demand and energy-environmental problems – so that we can live a better, more environmentally friendly life. Finally, Alessandro comments on the success of the staff members and their achievements. He tells us, “Currently, the company can count on the work of 24 people including employees and collaborators, with the following qualifications/ certifications: No. 3 Energy Management Experts (EGE certified UNI 11339); No. 1 Project Manager Professional (Project Management institute); No. 4 Safety Coordinators (CSP and CSE, ex D.Lgs. 81/08); No. 3 Fire Prevention Experts (L. 151/11); No. 2 LEED AP Building Design and Construction; No. 2 LEED AP GBC Home; No. 1 BREEAM Assessor; No. 5 CasaClima Advanced Course; No. 2 ARCA Basic Course; No. 6 P.A.T. Energy certifiers” These achievements are just the beginning of the T.E.S.I. journey, and it is sure to see many more opportunities for valuable qualifications that truly inspire. With the team’s drive for sustainability and success, it’s obvious why T.E.S.I. Engineering S.R.L. has now won Best Swimming Pool Construction Company – Italy. We’re pleased to announce its win, and we are sure to see it construct more marvellous creations spanning across a plethora of sectors. Contact: Alessandro Santuari Company: T.E.S.I. Engineering S.R.L. Web Address: .E.S.I. Engineering S.R.L. is a trailblazing, sustainability-first company that produces some of the most innovative designs for businesses across a myriad of industries such as trade, health, schools, craft, residential, and more. This particular award, however, has been bestowed upon T.E.S.I. due to the intricate level of dedicated design that speaks volumes about its overall mission. Technical Director, Alessandro Santuari, shares, “The company consults on environmental sustainability issues. A founding member of Green Building Council Italia and DTTN Habitech, T.E.S.I. Engineering S.R.L. has developed extensive experience with the LEED and BREEAM protocols, also performing complex Energy Modelling and Commissioning activities from 2008 to the present.” Since 2002, T.E.S.I. has become an SEE Energy Service Company, in accordance with UNI 11352. This means that everything it creates has sustainable energy in mind. Its 24 collaborators who include engineers, architects, and graduates, have all developed more than 3200 orders – allowing T.E.S.I. to progress at an exponential rate. Alessandro tells us, “Since its founding, the company has relentlessly broadened its horizons, both in terms of technological areas and professional services offered.” Its range of design services are coupled with the fine work of architects and contractors who are able to translate the design into a reality within the private and the public sectors. “In these areas, the offer to clients ranges Sustainability gets more important year upon year as we continue to learn about the strain on our planet. However, with 25 years of successful growth, T.E.S.I. Engineering S.R.L. has been committed to the design of innovative technological systems that truly care about the energy we use. Here we talk to Technical Director, Alessandro Santuari, of T.E.S.I. as it wins this fantastic award in the Sustainable Building Awards 2022. T Nov22217 Best Swimming Pool Construction Company – Italy