2019 Sustainable Building Awards

5 2019 Sustainable Building Awards BUILD colour transmits. The colour heals on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. With mycoocoon the team recreating the effects that are created when people are connected with nature. The way this works is through the mycoocoon Colour Institute app. This app creates a user’s own colour profile with a colour test, then sends this profile information to the mycoocoon device, acting as the remote control for the lights. This colour test is based on the algorithm of colours selection, which determines your energy balance and your colour needs. The colour light immersions are designed for specific needs such as jet lag, seasonal disease, stress, balance and many others. Building on this unique approach, over the years mycoocoon has come to install colour light cabins to allow people to rest, and also design multi-sensorial workshops and journeys to generate links through colour which will help users to find peace and recharge. Within the hospitality market the solution is ideal as it is the ideal dry solution for spas and hotels. The mycoocoon team can design colour cross selling within the hotel to increase engagement with the clients and the hotel team. For corporate clients mycoocoon can be used as a power nap solution, or creating yoga or meditation rooms. For health purposes it can be used before or after intervention to relax the patients. A unique solution, mycoocoon is sustainable as it uses flicker- free lights to reduce the amount of electricity used, and these are specially designed to last for longer than other brands. Looking ahead, the mycoocoon team envisage a future where Colour Energy Hubs will enable people in cities to re energise themselves during the day. The Hubs will support and promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the users around the world, and the team are excited to start working on installing them and working with new clients throughout 2019 and beyond. Company: mycoocoon Name: Valerie Corcias & Dominique Kelly Address: myoon ltd, Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn St, London WC1V7JH Telephone Number: +33685116129 Web Address: www.mycoocoon.com & www.co-nekt.com mycoocoon www.mycoocoon.com & www.co-nekt.com

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