2019 Sustainable Building Awards

15 2019 Sustainable Building Awards BUILD Neste and Air BP : Deliver Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Swedavia Operated Airports “ Reconciling people’s need to meet with the absolute necessity to transform the transport sector and make it fossil-free is one of the most important challenges of our time. Being able to fly in a way that is environmentally sustainable is an essential requirement in order for air transport to also be a transport mode of the future that links Sweden together and links Sweden with the rest of the world. Bio jet fuel is one of the tools that will get us there, ” says Jonas Abrahamsson, president and CEO of Swedavia. The sustainable aviation fuel has been produced by Neste in Finland and supplied by Air BP at five of Swedavia’s airports in Sweden, to help reduce emissions from Swedavia’s corporate staff air travel. Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel is produced from renewable waste and residues, among others from used cooking oil. The fuel supplied will produce up to 80 percent less greenhouse gas emissions over its life-cycle compared with conventional jet fuel. Currently, sustainable aviation fuel offers the only viable drop-in alternative to fossil liquid fuels for powering commercial aircraft. Neste is increasing renewable jet fuel production volumes significantly over the course of the next few years to meet the demand. Neste has announced that it is ramping up capacity to produce up to 100,000 tons per year total in the US and Europe. With the planned Singapore refinery expansion Neste will have the capacity to produce over 1 million tonnes of low-emission renewable jet fuel by 2022. Air BP has supplied sustainable aviation fuel in the Nordics since 2014 at around 10 airports, including at Oslo airport where they were the first to supply sustainable aviation fuel through the existing airport fuelling infrastructure, in collaboration with Neste and other key industry stakeholders.

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