2019 Sustainable Building Awards

BUILD 2019 Sustainable Building Awards 12 May19571 stablished in 2010, Naked Solar was created to offer clients a new way to buy solar solutions, as Tony discusses in his initial comments. “From the beginning, at Naked Solar we set out to give our customers honest, accurate information so that they can make an informed decision on the system they choose. When we started the solar panels, the market had a bad reputation, with many companies being likened to the bad old days of dodgy double-glazing sales. We decided to offer customers access to the whole market, rather than representing one or two solar panel manufacturers and trying to push particular systems on clients. “Today, thanks to our expertise in the market, we now undertake solar PV installations for domestic and commercial customers across the South Coast. Flexible and innovative, we are also able to offer battery storage installations and electric vehicle charging points. Using our specialist design software, we can help customers retrofitting panels to an existing property or work with architects at the conception stage in order to fit the customers energy needs in from the beginning.” Unlike many solar panel distributers, Naked Solar is completely independent, and is therefore able to offer each client a truly bespoke service tailored to their individual needs, as Tony is keen to explore. “Proudly independent, we have no ties with any manufacturer and we never take commission, so we can be totally open about the pros and cons of all products available and move with the market. When working with a new client, our team discuss in great detail their budget, their priorities and their plans, then using advanced PV Sol software we can show them accurate forecasts of savings, energy usage and system payback time. This helps them compare multiple systems and gives clear information in what can be a very confusing market. We also install everything ourselves with our own dedicated team of installers, as this is the only way to ensure quality control, something we are incredibly proud of.” Naked Solar Ltd : Best Solar PV Installer - South West England Based in the rural heart of Cornwall, Naked Solar Ltd is a trusted supplier of solar energy technology to clients across the South West of the UK. We spoke to Managing Director, Tony Sampson to find out more. E As an example of Naked Solar’s dedication to providing a bespoke approach Tony highlights one of the firm’s current projects and explains how the team is working with the client and international suppliers to meet their specific needs. “One of our current projects is working with a client who has built a curved roof. This is certainly throwing up its own set of challenges, but we are speaking to manufacturers all over the world to come to meet the energy and aesthetical needs of our client because we understand their needs and will work tirelessly to accommodate them.” As he looks to the future, Tony is optimistic that Naked Solar will grow and expand to continue to strive towards fulfilling its mission: “To continually improve faith in the solar industry by offering an informed choice and quality service.” “Over the coming years Naked Solar will be expanding so that we can meet the needs of clients further across the UK. Currently we cover areas mainly in Devon and Cornwall, with scope to also undertake installs along the south coast. We plan to open an office in Exeter next to allow our reach to grow and help more customers find the solar solution they need to allow them to live sustainably and comfortably.” Name: Shelley Sampson Address: 2 Seabase Units, Treloggan Industrial Estate, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 2SX, UK Telephone Number: 01637 697009 Web Address: www.nakedsolar.co.uk

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