Recycling & Waste Management 2018

Build 2018 Recycling & Waste Management Awards 12 stablished in 1989, DanFiber began life focusing developing cooperation between municipalities / joint municipal waste disposal companies, private recycling companies and private paper mills, while increasing the recycling rate of waste paper to the maximum. After 10 years of success with the paper handling, a number of new investors decided to join and the subsidiary DanBørs A/S was established back in 1998. DanBørs was to focuse on all other recyclable waste fraction in order to copy the success from DanFiber. This soon became a similar success but due to new shareholder profile it was decided to sell of DanBørs in 2012. Today DanFiber is focusing entirely on a professional and service minded handling of wooden fibres with primary focus on municipalities which were the founding platform and remains be to so. This, along with a targeted IT strategy, constitutes a future-proof solution for suppliers and customers. Thanks to its vast expertise in the market and strong collaboration with a high percentage of the Danish municipalities, DanFiber takes care of the sale of collected quantities such as newspapers, cardboard and better grades throughout Denmark. In addition to sales, the firm also offers quality advice, complaint handling, freight agreements, quotation and coordination on major tasks in that to the extent that these are naturally related to its other core services. Working hard to support the environment and its clients, DanFiber ensures compliance with applicable legislation at all times, and that there is an environmentally sound and ethically advantageous solution. Within the different sectors it operates in, DanFiber offers a comprehensive solution that addresses all the practical conditions that exist in the disposal of recyclable materials. E Best Commercial Recycling Management Company - Scandinavia Based in Denmark, DanFiber A/S provides environmentally and ethically correct disposal of waste fractions for a range of clients. Having recognised the firm in this year’s Recycling & Waste Management Awards we felt it was about time that we profiled this dynamic and dedicated company to find out more about how it is supporting its corporate clients to reduce their environmental footprint by disposing of their waste in a sustainable way. Nov18001 Company: DanfFber A/S Contact: Niels Søgaard Website: Ultimately, DanFiber aim to find the overall solution that best fits its partners, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future filled with invigorating opportunities for further growth. DanFiber A/S