Real Estate & Property Awards 2022

Real Estate & Property Awards 2022 BUILD 19 Best Property Development Consultancy – QLD project has a development cost of $95m and will be delivered over a five-year horizon in stages. Rosel Sherwood provides its full array of services from the site due diligence analysis and town planning approval through engaging the whole design team and coordinating the design and delivery of the project through to building approval, then acting as superintendent under the staged construction contract. It also has other major clients and projects in the not-for-profit sector, where Rosel Sherwood works with three national service providers. Its role is to function as the development and project manager to coordinate the design and delivery of new projects across Queensland. The organisation’s skill – and the quality of its work – means it can thrive in even the most tumultuous times. The three years since the start of COVID-19 have been the three best financial performing years in its 19-year history. This is directly a result of its focus on its core skills and on looking after its trusted client base. Following on, 2022 through 2023 is on track to be its fourth year of record growth. It plans to remain true to its core mission and maintains its role as an industry leader, not simply an industry consultant. It is an ambitious goal, but it is a goal the Best Property Development Consultancy in Queensland has long since proven it is capable of. Contact: John Rosel Company: Rosel Sherwood Web Address: osel Sherwood is a uniquely experienced Property Expert with over 35 years of experience in property analytics and project delivery, including development management, project management, and investment analysis. Since its establishment in 2004, Rosel Sherwood has delivered projects across Queensland in retail, commercial, government, mixed-use, and large-scale residential apartment developments. It has become an industry leader in providing property solutions and outcomes. Rosel Sherwood effortlessly provides assurance and comfort to its clients that their property assets are efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. A central element of Rosel Sherwood’s development and project management delivery is the provision of an integrated and initiative-taking methodology. The Rosel Sherwood team are registered project managers with the Australian Institute of Project Management and licensed under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for Project Management Services. On every project it works on, the team displays the same excellence and diligence that earned those accreditations. Rosel Sherwood provides an elevated level of people and task-management-based processes that ensure projects are delivered on time, within scope, budget, and purpose. Rosel Sherwood prides itself on its knowledge of the property development industry and its ability to bring proactive management strategies to the table and understand that each client and each project is bespoke. Each project has its own unique set of risks, opportunities, and expectations. The firm provides expertise in all phases of the development management process, from sourcing development and investment opportunities – through detailed due diligence and feasibility analysis – to coordination and securing all town planning and all local, state, and federal agency approvals. Rosel Sherwood is there from start to finish, including sourcing and liaising with tenants. One of the more significant projects Rosel Sherwood is currently working on is an example of this. It is presently analysing and delivering a consolidated steel manufacturing and rail maintenance business in North Queensland. This Project management in the property and development sector is a complicated process that requires more than just an overseeing eye that misses nothing, but the ability to put proper measures into place based on what is observed. Possessing a unique level of expertise, gained over the past 35 years in the property development industry in Queensland, Rosel Sherwood doesn’t just provide consulting services – it guarantees well-studied solutions and ensures positive outcomes. R Sep22447