Real Estate & Property Awards 2022

Real Estate & Property Awards 2022 BUILD 17 Best Residential Conversion Development Firm – East Anglia Developments owner and managing director Joe Fogel came into possession of the historic property. Work began by restoring the exterior, cleaning and tidying up the exterior brickwork, restoring the roof and installing doubleglazed windows. This culminated in a clean, brand-new look for the property and the addition of many new amenities, such as a rooftop terrace that many of the new apartments had access to. Renamed Charlotte House, 18 spacious, upper-class apartments now occupy the three-storey property, the majority of which are two-bedroom affairs with a few studio apartments across the first, second, and third floors. With options for en- suite flats and three, large commercial units on the ground floor, it was quite the undertaking that led to an equally impressive result. From the outside, despite the clean and tidy exterior and the new plaque, it is difficult to see that any change has been performed, and that is the beauty of a conversion performed by House Group Developments. There was, and remains, a keen view of keeping as much of the original intact when working on a project, causing as minimal of a disturbance as possible whilst providing the much-needed modern touches. There is still more than enough Victorian style remaining within Charlotte’s House’s modern, state-of-the-art apartments. Still, they remain firmly in the modern era as a blend of stylish and contemporary living that coexists with the three retail and commercial units added to the ground floor that start-ups and businesses have moved into. House Group Developments strikes a balance between restoration and conversion in every project. Changing just enough to be distinct and modern but not losing the contemporary look the property had before. It is a delicate procedure, and the business’s continued success is what gives House Group Developments the unique, differentiating factor that propelled it to becoming the Best Residential Conversion Development Firm in East Anglia. Its work breathes new life into pre-existing properties and provides new homes a fresh perspective. This will continue long into the future. Contact: Joe Fogel Company: House Group Developments Web Address: ouse Group Developments was founded in 2014 to invest in and develop both commercial and residential properties. With a £13m+ portfolio of over 100 properties, it designs, builds, sells, and rents properties across the South-East of England. As a result of its exceptional quality builds with innovative design, and great work ethic, it ensures its clients receive a fantastic experience. Over the years, it has established a healthy, increasingly expanding portfolio comprising of a wide range of commercial and residential properties and mixed-use, commercial-toresidential conversion developments. The House Group team has worked extensively with established and respected planners and designers. As such, it has gained invaluable experience developing high-quality homes and its portfolio includes state-of-the-art apartments and penthouses. A substantial portion of its work pertains to property conversions, turning houses into gorgeous – and often fully furnished – spaces to live in. For example, the three residential apartments recently converted within the heart of Saffron Walden’s town centre was a huge success. However, its most high-profile project and the best example of its processes and methodology is House Group’s renovation and converting a popular Ipswich nightspot into top-quality town centre housing. Opened in the 1960s under the name First Floor Club – and, at one time, the only late-night spot in the area – the trade of ownership over the decades ended as House Group With demand for housing always on the rise, developments and plots are cropping up across the UK at an ever-growing pace. But a viable method, worth even further exploration, is the conversion of properties that have already been built. Well ahead of this trend is House Group Developments, an organisation that strikes the perfect balance of restoration and conversion. Leaving a modern and contemporary feel to its finished projects and working on properties of varying sizes, its work is striking and effective. H Sep22274