Real Estate and Property Awards 2021

Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 BUILD 19 hen Greg Geiser founded Wedgewood in 1985, he had the simple guiding principle of leaving everything a little better than he had first found it. One home at a time, this belief has remained at the heart of the company. Started in Los Angeles, the business has grown into a leading property investment firm that has developed numerous real estate solutions in communities across the US. Working closely with local real estate talent, Wedgewood Homes has revitalized whole communities through its work. Operating in 20 states and 50 major metropolitan areas, the team has built its name in the industry by purchasing, renovating, and reselling single-family properties. While many would buy, then rent these buildings, Wedgewood has always purchased with the intention of putting old houses back into circulation. The need for a service like this, one which is creative and innovative, is vital. The US has historically had a major shortage of appropriate housing, and this has only been exacerbated by the growth of institutional rental buyers. As the Wedgewood Homes team is not looking to rent their properties, they have a much broader purchasing criteria than their competitors. It also inspires the team to add more value to the homes they restore. When Wedgewood Homes takes on a property, they revitalize and reimagine it, transforming it from a house into a home. While working across the US, Wedgewood Homes has made it a priority to utilize the skills of local real estate professionals that understand the nuances of the local real estate market. It’s a highly collaborative process that applies to every part of the process, from the buying to the renovation to the eventual sale. Instead of relying on algorithms, Wedgewood Homes depends on the expertise of professionals. The team’s acquisition strategy is designed to leverage this local knowledge to revitalize communities. As a business that has expanded across 20 states, it’s little surprise that each office has developed its own unique real estate inventory. The depth and breadth of what is available is key to the team’s success, and they have been guided by a desire to take on many different properties that will suit the needs of many different homebuyers. The ability for each part So many houses just need a little TLC to be transformed into a home for families to enjoy. That work is the proud focus of the team from Wedgewood Homes. Named Most Innovative Real Estate Solutions Provider - Greater LA in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 for their astonishing work, we take a closer look at the team’s efforts to find out more. W of the business to operate independently has ensured that throughout the crisis, Wedgewood Homes has been able to work in an agile manner to achieve the relevant goals. While it has been operational for over 35 years, Wedgewood Homes has the same enthusiasm and energy as a start- up. Employees at the firm are constantly inspired to look for opportunities that can be developed in the real estate space. Growth for this team is achieved through finding an innovative approach that stands apart from the crowd. Having thrived over the years by taking the time to innovate in order to meet local needs, it’s clear that the key to success will be continuing to take advantage of these possibilities. The same approach that started the firm in 1985 is still as relevant as ever it was. When Wedgewood Homes takes on a renovation project, the team doesn’t just leave the house in better condition. They take the time to ensure that the community as a whole is strengthened by their presence. With local innovation at their core, it’s clear that they will continue to strengthen communities across the US for years to come. Company: Wedgewood Homes Email: [email protected] Web Address: Oct21189 Most Innovative Real Estate Solutions Provider - Greater LA