Real Estate and Property Awards 2021

Real Estate and Property Awards 2021 BUILD 11 bode Town & Country properties, an exceptional company offering outstanding marketing as a standard provision, has made a name for itself with its fully professional photography, its 3D virtual tours, its premium marketing, social media advertisements, and local expert guides. Fundamentally, each of these services and solutions has been developed from Abode’s dedication to the surrounding Royston area. Having served the local region’s property and real estate agent markets in all segments since its founding, it has developed decades of experience in operating in Royston’s real estate ecosystem, cultivating a huge network of contacts in both its peers and market that have allowed it to grow. In addition, Abode hasn’t let its age stop it from keeping up with the times. Essentially, it knows that in a world full of exponentially advances technologies and innovations, those businesses that will thrive will be those who embrace these changes. This has resulted in Abode’s new dedication to combining itself with a youthful and tech-savvy lease of life, its contemporary and well-trained team able to apply all sorts of new innovations and developments in the real estate world in order to offer Abode’s clients the best of the best. Whether the journey a client wishes to embark on is in sales or in letting, Abode promises it will be able to help. Having adapted each of its services to be able to operate fully online, it has effectively removed any barriers and red tape denying certain clients access to the market, ensuring a property reaches the correct market segment within short order and to great effect. Furthermore, the team behind these service provisions is dedicated to keeping it highly personalised; having worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere of individuality, respect, and empathy within the team itself, each member of staff extends these principles out to the clients, allowing them to partake in personable, friendly, and transparent services. Additionally, this has allowed it to make itself a true part of the community. It invests in local people, local sports, and local charities, applying its over 30 years of experience in order to offer equally excellent lettings and sales solutions. This work – and the happy customers it results in – has allowed Abode Town & Country, a company accredited with the ‘BUILD Client Service Excellence Award’ for 2021 as well as the above award, has truly been accumulating notoriety in its field and its region since its inception. In essence, its commitment to its local region and the people who live there – as well as the outstanding nature of its letting and sales services – has allowed it to become a cornerstone of Royston’s real estate market. Furthermore, it is determined to continually improve this reputation as it moves forward into the future, bringing its team and market segment along with it. A Adobe to reach the top of the real estate market in its area, operating quickly and efficiently, as well as always within budget. Recently, it has secured a sale on the old HSBC bank in Royston which will allow it to continually keep showing this, with interest from two clients in securing the retail space once the sale is complete and an excitement to help these clients succeed in their sales and lettings goals. With its digital brochures having targeted over 4000 people, its virtual tours lauded as exemplary, and a dedication to flexibility, it is proud to say local sales have risen over the past year. It is stepping up to help its market handle a boom in moving demand, and its family-run culture is facilitating this with encouragement and growth amongst its team, currently manifesting in the beginning of applications for a Financial Conduct Authority Sandbox license. Hoping to be accredited with this for its innovative rental products, it is excited to show its market the fruits of this labour sooner rather than later, something it promises will increase people’s ability to participate in the rental market. Company: Abode Town & Country Contact: Jim Bullard Website: Sep21352 Best Independent Estate Agency 2021 - Hertfordshire