Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

35 Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 BUILD Sep20003 stablished in 1997, Kentriki - Savills Greece advises clients on commercial, residential and rural properties, whilst assisting clients in maximising their properties’ and investments’ benefits and efficiency. With an impressive list of services on offer, Kentriki - Savills Greece’s services are focused on valuation of all types of properties ranging from residential properties, offices, retail outlets and out-of-town retail schemes, industrial and warehouse facilities and hotels, to name but a few. Since their inception, the firm’s objective has been to provide excellent services to all of their clients, regardless of the specific focus on their real estate needs. To date, their impressive track record is testament to their excellent experience in feasibility and appraisal work of large scale mixed-use projects and property valuations. On the agency side of the business, Kentriki - Savills Greece is renowned for selling some of the most desirable assets, which can be viewed on their website alongside a diverse selection of genuinely unique properties. With a strong focus on residential assets, the firm’s repertoire ranges from village cottages and city apartments to large luxury estates – through to commercial properties such as large office buildings, shopping malls and logistics warehouses. For the team at Kentriki - Savills Greece, they have always strived to be at the forefront of their sector, offering their clients an exceptional service. This motivation to deliver excellence, is one of the countless reasons in which the firm has been able to accumulate a plethora of clients who trust Kentriki - Savills Greece to provide them with all kinds of real estate services, from large international institutional investors to single family offices. Over the years, Kentriki - Savills Greece has cultivated a friendly environment that promotes collaboration and ethos, with a strong emphasis on professionalism. The team at Kentriki - Savills Greece consists of hard-working individuals who have extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the Greek and Balkan markets, suitably qualified to offer advisory and agency services of the highest quality, always in the client’s best interest. The list of commendations the team possess does not end here, the firm also offers their team members the Best Multinational Real Estate Management & Transactional Services Provider - Greece Recognised as a leading real estate services provider, Kentriki - Savills Greece offers a vast range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients in Greece and the neighbouring countries. Following their recent success in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards 2020, we profiled this award-winning firm to discover the secrets behind their outstanding accomplishments. E opportunity for individual and team entrepreneurship for both personal and company evolution. 2020 has certainly been a testing year for businesses across the world due to Covid-19. The pandemic has caused some business to unfortunately close and putting a number of individuals in unemployment, whilst for others it has had the opposite affect with businesses thriving more than they ever have before. Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kentriki - Savills Greece aspires to be stronger and more competitive, while maintaining the characteristics that have gained their clients’ respect and trust over the years. The unique characteristics which have established their reputation in the industry as being one of the best multinational real estate management & transactional services provider in Greece. Contact: Danae Tsakiris Company: Kentriki - Savills Greece Web Address: /