Real Estate and Property Awards 2020

BUILD Real Estate & Property Awards 2020 20 Aug20032 roperty Development Institute opened its doors to eager students in 2016. It was founded by Steven Chandler, a 40-year veteran of the construction and property development industry. Not only has he this wealth of experience to draw from, but he is a third-generation property developer. Steven has literally written books on the topic and lectured at universities across Australia for the past 10 years. His experience and credentials ensure that the Institute is able to teach genuinely useful material that is applicable to all their customers. The Property Development Institute set out to provide courses to anyone looking to get into, or hone their skills in, property development and how to minimise the risk to their invested capital. Signing up to a course with the Property Development Institute means that you will get access to active industry experts who lead the online courses. There are on-demand webinars, live events (in person or via livestream) and mentoring services. The education focusses on how to develop property successfully by creating a knowledge base and assisting clients to identify and mitigate risks. The company educates people in what the Institute identifies as the five fundamentals of property development. They look at how to identify and mitigate risk and how to maximise revenues and “pocket the cash.” Those five fundamentals of property development are: 1. Acquisition 2. Feasibility 3. Authorities 4. Revenue 5. Delivery Property Development Institute go to great lengths to ensure that they offer their customers the type of education that you don’t see elsewhere. Instead of being purely academic units that people learn for rote and can answer a test on, the education provider teaches people skills to be a property developer. It shows them how to create wealth while mitigating risk and ensuring that they don’t risk everything they’ve worked for to date. There’s also no chance of the education that they teach becoming stagnant or outdated. The Institute is not the owner’s primary source of income – they are still developing and selling properties themselves. The education arm that they’ve built is extended to people as a way to share skills and help introduce fresh faces into the industry. Property Development Institute Since 2016, the Property Development Institute has helped to improve the property market across Australia. They supply effective, applicable education that helps new developers learn from some of the most experienced names in the business and how to minimise their own financial risk – a true recipe for success. P It means that the Property Development Institute under-promise and over-deliver. There is no necessity for them to upsell and funnel students onto the next, ever more costly course as other e-learning platforms have to do to survive. The knowledge the Property Development Institute share is genuine and relevant. From 1st July 2020, a major piece of legislation was introduced, affecting property development in New South Wales, Australia. It represents an example of when the Property Development Institute changed their process as an applicable education provider. The legislation has enabled many small-scale property developers to create projects in substantially shorter periods of time without authority approval delays. It is a big change that affects all upcoming and new property developers in the region. As a result, the education provider created training courses based on the new legislation and offered them at a discounted rate of 75% off. It enabled as many people as possible to take advantage of the new legislation which helped to boost the development economy. It is a complex and detailed piece of legislature, but the company put together a course that was simple to understand, backed by their years of expertise. Of course, in the pandemic era, the live events that the company had planned were unable to go ahead, but with an agile response, they were able to adapt and live stream their events, delivering the same education to their customers. In fact, the live streams were so successful that the company has modified their future business practices and will offer live streaming events post COVID shutdowns. It means that those in remote areas will still be able to attend. It is an important time for the industry to receive the boost that the Property Development Institute gives. Chinese investment into Australia caused a dramatic price shift as demand skyrocketed in 2017, but quickly slumped after the Chinese government put a halt on capital leaving the country. This caused a dip in the market that across 2019 and the start of 2020 started to recover. It has helped to have educated and capable developers native to the country. By spreading their expertise in an accessible manner and delivering education that can be applied to help new developers see success, the Property Development Institute is helping to improve the market and the economy. Company: Property Development Institute Contact: Steven Chandler Website: Best Property Development Training Provider 2020 – Australia