Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 60 61 Having cultivated a reputation for outstanding renovation for almost forty years, Spenbeck is renowned for working with great reverence with respect for the heritage of each individual space. As a result, the team work diligently and comprehensively to return these now-derelict and disused spaces to their former glory. With enormous amounts of natural light, high ceilings and structural integrity that has stood the test of time, these spaces can be moved into and made into something new for history to remember. One of Nottingham’s oldest roads and home to some of the finest lace warehouses, Broadway, is also home to some of Spenbeck’s most notable projects. Delivering light, open-plan office spaces over four storeys, the buildings have been completely restored and renovated to give a stylish and sophisticated feel to house the modern business. Boasting 50,000 square ft of space, the offices in The Birkin Building and The Courtyard, St Mary’s Gate also offer proximity to Lace Market’s tram stop, a short five- minute walk to Nottingham Railway Station, and dedicated lease line availability of up to 1GB per second. Widely-regarded and recognised as the market leader for heritage-led regeneration, Spenbeck’s success must also be attributed to its collaboration with established contractors and their unique expert knowledge. Having developed long-standing relationships with contractors who share their mission, the firm only works with those who are as committed to helping deliver radical change as they themselves are. By attending seminars and industry-wide events, the family team is also taking care to develop its knowledge and remain at the cutting-edge of office and creative space development. Despite the firm’s small stature, where only two of the four directors run the business on a daily basis, and with no additional staff, it has consistently delivered work that goes well above and beyond client expectations. Being a family-run business, it is of paramount importance to the team at Spenbeck that its partners and contractors share the family values, and are as reverential towards Nottingham’s lace history as they are. Best Family-Run Property Development Company – Nottinghamshire & Most Outstanding in Heritage Regeneration - Midlands Nottingham is a city of rich heritage, famed most notably for the outlaw hero Robin Hood rebelling against the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. However, it is also famous for its history in lace, and one family-run property development company is restoring derelict warehouses to their former glory into commercial creative spaces. Discover more about Spenbeck and its award-winning success as we profile the firm. Spenbeck Ltd: second-generation, family-run property development business, Spenbeck is renovating the history of Nottingham’s lace warehouses into bespoke spaces for all manner of clients. From digital agencies, international recruitment firms and global insurance companies, to residential developments and lettings, Spenbeck is taking Grade II-listed former lace warehouses and transforming them into spacious, light-filled places of collaboration and success. Whoever the client, if they are seeking heritage and characterful buildings to house their business or their home, then they need look no further than this property development business. Marrying innovation with historic respect, Spenbeck is also spearheading the way forward for other heritage-led renovation firms in Nottinghamshire. The company was the first in Nottingham’s Lace Market to install uncontended, dedicated lease lines to ensure high-speed reliable broadband services to their clients, in addition to installing energy-efficient measures to ensure the buildings’ sustainability. The city of Nottingham is full of rich history that can still be seen and felt to this day, including the former factories and warehouses in Lace Market. Opening a new chapter in the city’s history books, Spenbeck has created outstanding heritage regeneration projects that open the door for businesses to experience the joys of living and working in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market. Company: Spenbeck Ltd Contact: Becky Valentine, Chief Operating Officer Telephone: 0115 910 0101 Email: [email protected] Website: The impressive façade of The Birkin Building Victoria Green and Becky Valentine A Sep19516