Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 6 Best Mixed-Use Real Estate Development 2019 - Latvia Delivering on the most ambitious and prestigious real estate development complex in the entire Baltic region is no small feat, and requires excellence in all senses of the word. Z Towers aims to be the peak of style and accomplishment in Riga. Behind the herculean effort is real estate developer Towers Construction Management, seeking to well and truly put Latvia on the map as a place of architectural marvel. ioneering the next era of exemplary building work, Towers Construction Management is seeking to establish the city of Riga, and Latvia as a whole, as an emerging European destination for technology and IT-focused companies. Offering new spaces for working and living that make the city an attractive place for businesses to base themselves in, this development firm have created one of the country’s best complexes for space usage and quality of building. Towers Construction Management is a project management entity within the global production group of companies, established to develop and manage a commercial real estate project in the centre of Riga. On a waterfront land plot of two hectares, with further potential expansion planned into neighbouring land plots in the city centre, lies Z Towers. A truly remarkable feat of architectural building and engineering, Z Towers represents Riga’s biggest development property, and is the city’s only multi-use complex. Boasting offices, residential spaces, retail shops, services infrastructure, underground parking, and outdoor park amenities, Z Towers is the zenith of living and working in Riga. Towers Construction Management are keenly focused on making Z Towers an empowering symbol of confidence, stability and technological opportunity in Riga’s central business district. Attractive to companies across the continent, this fantastic new space is the perfect way to be an integral part of the Latvian and Baltics business community in the heart of a wonderful city. Designed and built as two twin towers, the unique architecture of Z Towers provides unrivalled, 360-degree views of the city of Riga. Each of the two towers are 30 stories high, situated atop a five-level entrance podium at the base. A towering example of excellence, Towers Construction Management have delivered a building that exudes quality from every angle. The South Tower, which stands at a gargantuan 123m, features best-in-class office space up to 28,000 square meters for companies of all varieties to experience outstanding workspaces with gorgeous panoramic views. Standing opposite, the North Tower clocks in at 117m, and features a wide range of premium residential apartments for guests to choose from. Floors 4 through 30 include 196 fully-furnished apartments for rent. P As well as the two towers, Z Towers is also comprised of retail functions for residents and workers to enjoy during their downtime. For true relaxation however, guests need look no further than the included fitness club, complete with twenty-five-meter pool and spa area that encompasses more than 2,000 square meters. For the more work-focused users, the advanced business centre houses conference facilities and professional meeting spaces for groups to use in a sophisticated and stylish setting. It isn’t just for residents and office workers however, as Z Towers also boasts a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and twenty-four-hour concierge services. With a safe and warm underground car park that can house up to six hundred fifty cars over four levels, there is plenty of space for families to park up and grab a bite to eat in one of nine restaurants and bars before heading out to the beautifully-landscaped park and playground for children to run around in. Landscaping of the parks and surrounding natural areas have been done in accordance with the best traditions that Latvian gardening has to offer, refined over years of experience. Experts from the Latvian Botanical Gardens were brought in specifically to oversee the implementation of rare varieties of plants, each one adapted to suit the Latvian weather conditions. Guests don’t need to venture outside the Z Towers complex territory to experience authentic nature, with walks and benches surrounded by lush vegetation. Not content to deliver a sub-standard tower that blends into the background, Towers Construction Management have instead created the best project in town. Leaving no stone unturned, the team of designers explored every possible avenue and opportunity to bring this landmark property to life in ways that have singled it out as a hub of business activity for those companies looking to establish themselves in the Baltic region. More than corporate focus and business acumen however, the team at Towers Construction Management have created Z Towers with great care and attention to detail. From the workers on the project, to the building itself, to the clients, and the future of those who will use it, this monolith of the Riga skyline is more than just a building. It is a symbol that these developers have the best intentions for the future of the city. Z Towers: