Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 52 Best Facilities Management Company 2019 - East Africa For businesses of all sizes, finding the right building and office space is crucial to establishing the right work environment. Too big and a small team can feel swamped, to small and a big team can feel cramped. Established in 2015, Tad is a total facilities management service provider, focused on delivering a complete suite of both hard and soft offerings to companies across Eastern Africa. eadquartered in Khartoum, Sudan, Tad has grown 3 over the last four years to become one of the most distinguished facilities management companies across the entirety of the region. Boasting a team of more than nine hundred full-time employees, the firm have worked alongside some of the biggest national and international companies that operate in the region, including Ericsson, Zain, Bank of Khartoum, and Japan Tobacco International. With a razor-sharp focus, the firm’s award-winning facilities management services specialise in the commercial real estate sphere. Where businesses, companies and corporations require spaces that fulfil their requirements, Tad make it a reality. Using the latest computer-aided facilities management software, the firm can develop and deliver customised service level agreements that meet and exceed client expectations for both hard and soft services. H One of the firm’s biggest clients is Zain, a huge telecommunications company in the Middle East. Tad currently manage all of their buildings across Khartoum, by firstly understanding the specific nature of each building’s requirements. A great example of this can be found in Zain’s customer service centre building, “With the building being operational 24/7 and home to more than seven hundred workers receiving thousands of call every day, the firm’s responsibility was to ensure that the building remains clean, hygienic, with a properly-working heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.” For any client, regardless of whether they are Eastern Africa’s biggest telecommunications company, or a small business just looking to secure their first office, understanding the requirements from the start is a necessity for Tad. By knowing exactly what a client needs, the firm can then set about delivering on those needs in the best way possible. More than just planning however, the team at Tad conduct regular audits to ensure that every step of the plan is being followed and delivered on the ground to the highest possible standards. Real estate and property development across Eastern Africa and the surrounding regions is continuing to expand, with an annual growth rate of more than 80% according to some reports. Tad are well-positioned, poised and ready to take full advantage of the enormous opportunities that the region offers for facilities management over the next decade. Tad Total Facilities Management: What truly differentiates Tad from their competitors however, is their outstanding commitment to nothing less than excellence in every single thing they do, and their constant innovation to make their services even better. Mohamed points out, “Leveraging the latest technology, the firm are aimed at implementing smart tech with IoT sensors, to enable a notification system for clients most critical assets. That way, both Tad and their clients can be more proactive in identifying faults and getting information about problems before they happen, such as flooding and overheating.” Other vital technological innovations moving forward for Tad include a complete cloud-based system, where the firm can manage sales, human resources, finance, inventory, and logistics amongst other things. Having only been implemented and installed in October 2019, the firm is very much in its infancy with the new technology. However, with rapid expansion planned into multiple countries and currencies planned for the future, real-time dashboards and consolidated worksheets will become increasingly important and stand the firm head and shoulders above the competition. Unquestionably, one of Tad’s crowning achievements in their in-house training centre. A one-of-a-kind facility within the Eastern Africa region, the centre is the firm’s way of delivering on their corporate and social responsibility to help the local community. By learning a new skill at Tad, trainees can learn for free, whilst receiving daily allowances, meals, and a certified qualification at the end. Graduates can then choose to either stay with the company, if there are positions available, or seek other jobs in the market with their newfound accreditation. A shining example of how a business should be run, Tad Total Facilities Management are a beacon of hope and excellence across Eastern Africa. Delivering unparalleled real estate and property services for commercial building, whilst also helping immigrants from deserted and war-torn countries, this Sudanese firm represent the very best of what humans are capable of. Company: Tad Total Facilities Management Contact: Mohamed Bakhit Website: