Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 38 39 Best Real Estate Agent 2019 – Merseyside & Customer Service Excellence Award 2019 - Merseyside Specialising in both residential and commercial property, Red Rooves Limited is able to draw on more than three decades worth of collective experience in the market to provide quality real estate services that property buyers and sellers alike can rely on. Having awarded the firm not one but two of this year’s coveted Real Estate and Property Awards we profile the firm to offer an insight into how far it has come since it first began. nitially created to bring a fresh approach to the way in which Real Estate is sold, Red Rooves has since flourished, working with a wide range of clients throughout the residential and commercial property space. Since the beginning, the firm has been on a mission to provide excellent service standards alongside fair pricing. Its customers have a choice of packages to suit not only their budget but their personal requirements whilst providing them with the freedom of no minimum marketing period and no tie in. Thanks to this client-focused approach, Red Rooves has achieved incredible success, and today the company is able to offer a full purchase to completion and aftersales service to clients throughout the UK from its base in Liverpool. All of the firm’s senior team draw on extensive market experience and are able to ensure every client receives the quality service and support they need. Director Robert Smith’ background is property development and refurbishment. Karen the Investment Manager being in the property sector for over 24 years, and as such the together they have been able to create a platform that will make a real change to the UK’s real estate market. Utilising this platform, they and the Red Rooves team are able to specialise in helping people sell their property for a realistic market price, whilst saving them thousands in commission. The team also help investors build their portfolio, and developers bring their sites forward, from floorplans to a built project which has been thoroughly detailed and sold off plan, so when they come to completion they know their exit strategy. I This all-encompassing service offering is provided to a high standard so that clients feel supported through every stage of the process. Red Rooves aims to be more than just a real estate agent, but a long-term partner for its clients, so that they come time and again to enjoy the award-winning service offering this experienced company has to offer. The team is available constantly to every client, and will work closely alongside them to ensure that they achieve the outcome they desire. Seeking to build upon the phenomenal success it has already achieved, over the coming years Red Rooves will continue to grow organically, expanding its residential, investment and development divisions to help support even more clients. The team is keen for this growth to be organic so that the company can continue to offer this enhanced suite of services at the same high level of quality that it has become revered for. Company: Red Rooves Limited Name: Robert Smith Address: 11-13 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DN Telephone Number: 01513742701 Web Address: Most Innovative Real Estate Technology Boutique 2019 Getting that first step on the property ladder can be daunting for first-time buyers, but it’s not exactly smooth sailing all the time for sellers and managers either. That’s where Cool House come in, an innovative digital platform that is obsessed with saving time and money for their clients. Following their deserved win in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards, we profiled the company to learn more about their successes. ust because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean they have to remain that way. That is the ethos behind the team at Cool House, a Bogota-based digital real estate platform offering luxury properties for rent, sale, and management. Having redesigned the real estate industry to work in favour of clients first and foremost, this tech company’s innovations have made it possible for them to deliver the same standards as that of a luxury brand. With Cool House, agents can upload listings in minutes, create marketing materials in seconds, and send their clients updated statistics of how properties are doing online instantly. Not only working for agents, clients are able to see properties that they have fallen in love with, without having to leave the comfort of their existing home. Whether it be professional photographs, video tours, or 3D virtual reality videos, prospective buyers can experience everything within a property short of actually being there themselves. Being an international website and platform, Cool House’s impeccable portfolio of properties enables users to find exactly what they are looking for. Easy to navigate and simple to use, anybody who makes use of this innovative digital platform is sure to be looking at buying the very best that the industry has to offer. Properties range from small apartments in Miami’s West Beach to multimillion peso homes in Santa Ana in Bogota. With a wealth of search customisation options, users can tailor their searches to include that one must-have aspect. Seventy percent of Cool House’s real estate and property work is focused on residential lots, with the other thirty percent working with private investors and investment funds for commercial spaces. The firm also work to find vacant lots and areas where builders would be able to construct high-rise projects. J Technology is critical to Cool House’s continued success, whether it be adopting new developments or enhancing existing technology. Meteoric advancements in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and blockchain technology have made them more commonplace than ever before. The firm’s love of innovative technology, and innovating with it, is keeping them one step ahead and making clients’ user experiences that much better. As with any firm, the future plans for Cool House is continued growth. But the vision isn’t limited, as the overall mission for the company is to expand globally, creating an eco-system of five-star services in real estate around the world. Determined to the one-stop-shop of choice for the property market, the firm are analysing every single aspect of the real estate industry in the hope of improving it with technology and enhancing the experience for all clients. Ultimately, the team at Cool House are astutely right. Technology is beginning to permeate all aspects of life and business, and already being at the forefront of those developments, this innovative digital real estate platform is in the prime position to ensure they are able to help clients find the home of their dreams, wherever in the world they may be. Company: Cool House | Contact: Julian Acosta Website: