Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 30 31 Most Innovative Property Management Software Company - UK Founded over six years ago, and tripling its client base over the last two, the future has never looked brighter for Blocks Online. Here we take a closer look at how they have achieved such an impressive feat. ased in Harrow, Blocks Online offers an exciting new perspective on property management, with practical solutions in an industry that might be seen as falling behind the times. As an industry leading provider, it is clear that this innovative approach to property management has taken the field by storm, gathering a loyal following amongst its customers who continue to recommend the versatility of the program to those not yet informed. Blocks Online was the product of frustration, coming from a team of experienced property managers who couldn’t find a software solution that was quite fit for their purposes. Capable of keeping a track of all the things involved in managing their properties, Blocks Online was the result. Offering this Software as a Service (SaaS), Managing Agents and Property Management Companies are able to use the software as a tool to control everything from site inspections to financial processing. Being a cloud-based system makes it a powerful tool that is accessible 24/7, streamlining the business process and allowing easy access to all the information B a client would require in real time. Customers have raved about the ease with which they can use the program, with credit given to their detailed demonstration, intuitive design and usability, and potential to scale upwards as a client’s company expands. The automation of certain roles has meant that productivity amongst property managers has increased. This is, no doubt, thanks to the more efficient handling of properties now possible, and the tenacious nature of Blocks Online’s team. Constantly looking forward, they happily take and respond to feedback given, all with the ultimate aim of creating a better product that serves clients more usefully. The phrase ‘PropTech’ has become something of a buzzword amongst the property market, with Blocks Online providing an edge over other companies through its continual improvement and development process. Building their software around a cloud- based infrastructure, the SME Managing Agents and Property Management Companies that make up around 80% of the Block Management service providers are able to easily access and use the system with minimal difficulty. It is the ease and broad market appeal that draws clients in, but it has other consequences. The standards of quality and operation must be consistent and Blocks Online operates to ‘Association of Residential Managing Agents’ (ARMA) standards, being partners with this organisation. As the leading trade association for residential managing agents in England and Wales, the Blocks Online solution has been designed to support the high standards of leasehold management and professionalism that ARMA promotes and remain consistent with any legal requirements. This responsibility falls on Blocks Online, meaning that across the board, the standards for any organisation they are involved with should rise as well. The ambition of trying to engage with so many different organisations is part of the key to the success of Blocks Online, with continued investment in growth and in development paying off in dividends. A tripled client base is nothing to be sniffed at, especially over two years, and there is no doubt that this is the result of a lot of work on the part of a dedicated, passionate team all working towards the same goal. Blocks Online’s focus on reducing their clients’ workload allows their clients to focus on the bigger picture. It opens the door for business expansion alongside the organisations they work with, who greatly appreciate the opportunities that Blocks Online frees up for them. By growing alongside, Blocks Online can scale to match their partners, ensuring that the company is constantly relevant to their clients. As they continue to grow themselves, Blocks Online continues to explore ways to better serve its customers and improve its product. With this positive attitude, it is clear that Blocks Online will continue to be an industry leading provider of block management, setting an example for others to follow across this sector. Company: Blocks Online Email: [email protected] Telephone: 020 3384 3418 Website: Call to Request a Free Demo on 020 3384 3418 or visit our website at t: 020 3384 3418 e: [email protected] w: Any Time. Any Where. Any Device. Block Management Software Making Block Management Easier