Real Estate & Property Awards 2019

BUILD 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards 2019 Real Estate & Property Awards BUILD 24 25 Best Home Builders 2019 - Edmonton Creating the custom home of one’s dreams is often a romantic and grand gesture of success, and should be celebrated. Helping people from all walks of life create their dream homes, San Rufo Homes bring a detail-oriented approach to building custom homes that reflects the needs and practicality of the client. We examine the fundamental cornerstones of the business, following their win in BUILD’s Real Estate and Property Awards. rawing on years of experience, Edmonton-based builder San Rufo Homes works alongside clients to bring to life beautiful, inspired and exceptional homes. Functional works of art, each home is distinctly different, reflecting the client’s vision and the company’s own devotion to unparalleled excellence. At the heart of the company is a pride and passion in delivering a unique, client-focused, home buying experience. The core mission for the team at San Rufo Homes is to construct exemplary homes for clients from every walk of life and lifestyle. Building more than just quality homes, the company is dedicated to establishing firm foundations in excellent relationships full of professionalism, integrity, and value. When clients build their dream home alongside San Rufo Homes, there are a few differences to the traditional custom- building experience. Not only are clients intimately involved throughout the entirety of the design and building process, but the company takes extra steps to ensure that every new home is of a quality that far surpasses every other home in the industry. On top of that, the team at the company dedicate time for multiple project inspections and walk-throughs to ensure that the home meets unmatched standards of excellence in both craftsmanship and functionality. Staff are always on hand to alleviate concerns and work with clients personally, building on the foundations of trust and accountability established throughout the process. As a result, San Rufo Homes has enjoyed a longstanding reputation for honesty and integrity throughout the industry. Their reputation, which has been rewarded by clients in their glowing testimonials and reviews, was recently acknowledged on a National level for the second year running - winning the Avid Ratings Benchmark Award for Outstanding Customer Service for 2019. D More than delivering outstanding quality in building custom homes for clients, the management at San Rufo Homes also understands the necessity of a happy workforce. Maintaining a fun and positive work atmosphere has proven key to the continued success of the company, as staff remain motivated to continue doing their best work. Breaking bread together almost every day, partaking in monthly themed pot-lucks, and even conducting hula-hooping contests during business hours have all contributed towards a work environment that people want to be a part of. Physical and mental wellness is also a key part of taking care of staff at this company. Recently, San Rufo Homes has committed thirty thousand dollars to constructing an office gym, enabling the staff to remain as fit as possible during work hours. More than employees, this group are a family unit, displaying a deep passion for their work and each other. Sharing extensive knowledge, relevant experience, and believing in the service they offer, it is no wonder that management are determined that they have the best team in the industry. Super-reliable, knowledgeable, attentive, and masterfully skilled, San Rufo Homes is the goto choice for residents of the Greater Edmonton Region looking to secure their first home, their second home or their forever home. A truly client satisfaction- driven team, clients can rest assured that their dream home can become a reality in the hands of this experienced custom builder. Company: San Rufo Homes Ltd. Contact: John Stabile Website: Global Mortgage Group: GMG Best Global Real Estate Financing Company 2019 eadquartered in Singapore, Global Mortgage Group [GMC] uses technology to streamline the client facing process, as well as connectivity with their lending sources. Since their inception in 2018, the team at Global Mortgage Group have focused on global non-resident mortgages, by identifying a major pain points for many borrowers who want to invest in overseas property but are unable to obtain a mortgage. One of the firm’s latest projects included helping a European National to “cash-out” his Hamptons, NY home for short term liquidity requirements. At Global Mortgage Group, the firm’s mission is to create a world where anyone who wishes to invest in a property, which is in a location that they do not live or hold a passport, can do so with a mortgage in a simple, transparent and efficient way. By using technology, the team are able to devise a plan to bring borrowing costs down and improve the user experience. When discussing some of the other qualities the firm possess, Donald begins by informing us on ways in which Global Mortgage Group are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and mark themselves out as the best possible option. “At Global Mortgage Group, we are one of the first companies globally to have put in place local representation offices across Asia, with native language speakers that understand not only the local culture and market, but also knowledgeable of the global markets such as U.S., Australia, U.K., Japan and Canada, some of the markets which GMG offers mortgages.” H Meanwhile, the online experience we have designed is specifically created to be consistent with their cultural subtleties. “Enabling the firm to deliver a personalised service for each client through experience, commitment and a hard-working team which forms the foundation of Global Mortgage Group. The firm have established a culture of team work and collaboration, which values each individual’s input, regardless of their position in the company. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at GMG have a number of exciting plans in the pipeline.” Bringing the interview to a close, Donald signs off by revealing how the firm is set to expand the business, their presence and the services they offer to clients going forward, as well as casting a spotlight on one of their latest ventures due to launch the years to come. “Moving forward, we look to continue build on our strength as the top U.S mortgage broker overseas. By mid- 2020, we plan to roll-out another technology-oriented service that will focus on the lender connectivity. Although, I am unable to give away the “secret-sauce” just yet, I can reveal that it will be called .” Contact: Donald Klip Company: Global Mortgage Group Address: 600 North Bridge Road, 10/F Parkview Square, Singapore 188778 Telephone: +65 9773 0273 Web Address: Global Mortgage Group is an overseas mortgage financing firm with a focus on U.S. residential real estate financing for non-US residents. Taking time to provide us with a glimpse into the inner workings of the firm is Global Mortgage Group Co-Founder, Mr. Donald Klip who revealed more about what it takes to be one of the of best global real estate financing companies in 2019.