Real Estate and Property 2018

Build 2018 Real Estate and Property Awards 24 Best Residential Interior Design Firm – Germany & Most Innovative Residential Renovation Project (Germany): Living Room Renovation R. Supporting a range of clients around the world, Mehringer & Sartori Interior Design is a growing interior design company based in Germany that supports a wide range of clients in the private, object, hospitality, gastronomy and health sectors. Having recognised the firm in our prestigious Real Estate & Property Awards for 2018 we profile it to gain an insight into the secrets behind its success. hanks to a wealth of expertise and knowledge, Mehringer & Sartori provides its clients with counselling, planning and installation services, as well as remodelling and renovation support. In the real estate and properties sector the firm see its vision and focus in influencing how people feel inside spaces. The team believe that the spaces people inhabit can influence their lives. After all, there are spaces where people may want to stay in and others you just want to leave, and the practice’s aim is to craft innovative spaces their clients will enjoy. With 18 projects per year, the firm is able to concentrate their time on getting the right aesthetic for their client, whoever they may be and whatever they may require. Additionally, the firm is also authorized dealer for high end and fine paintings, fabrics, wall papers, rugs, lighting and furniture from all over the world. Mehringer & Sartori is always looking for better and higher quality product and always taking in consideration who is behind that brand in terms of fairness in the chain of process and ecology. This ensures that clients have peace of mind that they are using sustainably sourced fabrics which are of the highest possible quality. The interpersonal qualities and creativity that the firm’s team boasts are very special characteristics of this dynamic and innovative company. At the end of the day, Mehringer & Sartori clients always turn out to be good friends of the team and the contact remains even after a long time after the project is finished, showcasing their colourful creations for many years to come. Currently, Mehringer & Sartori is in talks with a range of hotels and developers and will be decorating a range of beautiful spaces over the years ahead. These exciting upcoming projects offer the practice many great opportunities to further enhance its success and grow its already impressive portfolio of satisfied customers. T Sub-Cool FM Company: Mehringer & Sartori Interior Design GbR Contact: Alena Mehringer Address: Kumpfmuehler Str. 44, Regensburg, 93051, Germany Phone: 49 (0)941 942 914 50 Website: