Build 2016 Real Estate & Property Awards

2016 Real Estate & Property Awards Build 17 laceFirst design, build and manage a growing portfolio of aspirational family homes aimed at working households who are finding home ownership increasingly difficult to access. Martin discusses this innovative approach in more detail, outlining how the firm works to offer high quality homes which are accessible to clients who are finding access to home ownership increasingly difficult. “At PlaceFirst, all of our homes to date have been delivered through innova- tive remodelling of Victorian terraces, creating distinctive homes that blend the best of old and new. We work at scale, typically delivering 50-150 homes per project and, because of the scale we work at, our interventions have a regenerative impact on the wider communities we work in. “Overall, we envision a new type of tenure born of progressive thinking and a community centred living model, driven by a genuine desire to surpass the conventional offers of volume housebuilders.” In keeping with this vision, the firm’s mission articulates a wider reaching and more integral proposition, one that looks beyond just the provision of good quality rental homes, to creating community centred neighbourhoods where all residents can live, thrive and aspire, and communities can flourish and prevail. To achieve this, the market requires a business with a powerful visionary goal, inspiring core purpose aligned to the genuine needs of the market and society, and the conviction and determination to deliver on its promises. Martin is keen to emphasise the firm’s commitment to meeting this goal and providing the highest possible quality homes. “As a long-term neighbourhood investor, we see genuine value in distinctive place making. To date all of our projects include significant areas of public amenity, all of which are privately managed by PlaceFirst for the benefit of the wider community. At Accrington we have delivered a new park and a new village square; at Morecambe we have delivered a new landscaped courtyard which the new homes overlook; and at Hartlepool we are building a new garden square in the heart of the development. All of these spaces are accessible to the public but managed by PlaceFirst. “Ultimately, PlaceFirst want to be recognised as a leader in the provision of great, family homes where families can put down roots and genuinely call a rented house a home. We are targeting 1000 homes by 2020 and are well on course to meet this target.” Best Residential Lettings Developer - Lancashire PlaceFirst are a build-to-rent property developer based in Manchester and active across the North of England. We caught up with Martin Ellerby to learn more about the firm and its service offering. P placefirst RP16027 Company: PlaceFirst Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Eastgate, 2 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ Telephone: 0161 434 4720