Build 2016 Real Estate & Property Awards

2016 Real Estate & Property Awards Build 15 yletz is a formidable up and coming realtor, and has over the past four years continued to grow and develop, acquiring more land to sell, bigger projects to complete, and larger blocks to manage. With clients ranging from buy to let landlords to buyers of large commercial land, projects, and conversions, the firm has to work hard to ensure that it provides the right support to each client. This forms the cornerstone of Rich- ard’s mission, as he explains how he aims to change clients’ perceptions on smaller estate agents. “Here at Myletz my mission is to change people’s perception of smaller agents showing that you do not have to be a major brand to provide 100% customer service. In fact, with a smaller agency like Myletz, clients get to speak to the right person dealing with your instruction straight away. Using my hotel background, I have incorporated those skills into achieving this. In addition, we aim to help our clients feel in safe hands and intend to show that you can get a great service from businesses like ours and get more value for your money, as opposed to the cold reception you might get from a bigger brand. “In order to achieve this, our approach focuses around the client. When investors instruct me with a project we have to put in the hours, effort, resources and sometimes a little ingenuity. We take a project, look at the application and determine the best and most cost effective way to deliver. Depending on the size of the project, we could calculate the net present value of investments or the opportunity cost. We take a very hands-on ap- proach and like to be involved from start to finish if a client is building flats, so we can advise them on their best returns.” The firm also offers a free landlord service to rent properties out for all brand new customers, to show them just how hard they will work to get that repeat business. Money is not the focus; instead Myletz aims to ensure that clients receive the most dedicated service possible, as emphasises through its work with one of its largest single clients, as Richard outlines. “One of our largest client’s, Heritage Homes, has been kind enough to bring the majority of its business over to Myletz, handling such a large account with so many buildings and properties to arrange rent and manage has been quite a task. It comprises land, commercial, and residential units. One of the key challenges was legally acquiring and transferring the properties from other previous managing agents and consolidating them all onto our books. We had to make sure we had all relevant paperwork, and check that all the laws for each building is up to regulation standards and complied with. I am particularly proud at how well my team is taking on these larger projects and incorporating all our unique linguistic abilities, which include Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, Bengali, Urdu, Chichewa, British Sign Language and Filipino, to make sure tenants are aware of the changes and what they mean for them.” Growth is the firm’s key focus looking to the future, as the firm looks to build upon its current success. “Going forward we are keen to continue to build and grow, as we open up more Myletz branches with the plan to start franchising out the brand. Myletz will adapt to a Luton that is becoming more and more interactive with the airport and London with investors closely linking Luton to London. However, being a realist, we also expect uncertain times ahead given the Brexit decision, and will be flexible enough to adjust prices and decisions, according to market reactions. “Personally I am really excited that we have the opportunity to work with bigger developers and that will also hopefully lead to referrals and greater opportunities. Whilst expanding, we still want to keep grounded and help local communities. We recently helped to open a care home to help provide housing for autistic children, and also raised money to help build housing and schools in remote areas of Sierra Leone (where one of our clients runs a charity), and last year we were on Sky News appealing nationwide to Landlords to offer their properties to house Syrian refugees. Overall the future looks bright for Myletz and we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities and continuing to make a difference.” Best Multi Lingual Estate Agency - London & Home Counties Award for Excellence in Customer Service - London & Home Counties is a Luton based Estate Agency covering London and the Home Counties which supports clients in letting, selling and managing their property. We invited Richard Gedall, Senior Manager, to tell us more. M RP16023 Company: Name: Richard Gedall Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 68 Wellington Street Luton LU1 5AA Telephone: 01582380330