Q4 2022

37 Q4 2022 BUILD Aug22223 Best Housing Project Company – South East England Quality over quantity is a maxim that many businesses ascribe to. However, few stick to it quite as fervently as the Oxford-based LamburnGeekie Ltd. The housing and property management firm supplies some amburnGeekie Ltd. is a small Oxford-based building company started by Paul Lamburn and Peter Geekie in 2005. It provides a first-class service where no matter is too small to be handled seriously without any loss of control or vision of the overall project. With some exceptions, it specialises in the mid to highspecification residential market, with most of its work being in North Oxford, where its office is situated. It prides itself on providing a friendly, honest, and polite service and believes the results speak for themselves. Excellence and customer satisfaction are the foundations on which LamburnGeekie builds. It maintains an ethos of quality over quantity that it sticks to firmly. An example is how it caps its annual turnover to ensure it never overstretches itself and risks a drop in the high quality of its customer service and builds. Very few businesses, particularly those LamburnGeekie would consider contemporaries or competitors, go to such lengths to ensure quality, and that dedication truly sets it apart from them. Another way it ensures its standards are maintained, LamburnGeekie manages and runs every project it takes on and maintains a strong presence on-site. With said presence, it responds quickly to any complications and situations that arise and can ensure that all projects run as efficiently as possible. In addition, LamburnGeekie understands that the quality of a project is genuinely dependent on the quality of the people working on it. So, it partners with a network of experienced professional building consultancy practices. Each practice has a specific field of expertise, allowing it to provide clients with specialised construction consultancy at an extremely high level, customised to meet each project’s particular requirements. Providing only the most experienced consulting professionals and ensuring each project is overseen by a director, LamburnGeekie facilitates a broad range of consulting services that ensure everything is accounted for and accomplished. Passion and dedication are the driving forces behind the high quality of service and exceptional standard of artistry that LamburnGeekie consistently provides, in line with the belief that every project it undertakes deserves not only the benefit of its expertise but also of its time, a commitment that it is happy to make to produce the timeless results that are the hallmark of a LamburnGeekie project. L LamburnGeekie provides a project management service with various features to suit architects and private clients. Its same high standards apply to its project management services, which ensures its clients have complete confidence that their needs are met and anticipated. In this way, LamburnGeekie tailors its service to give optimum results. For example, before beginning work, it consults with clients on their specific requirements and designates a project manager with the skills best suited to the project. For added reassurance, alongside the dedicated project manager, every LamburnGeekie site is constantly overseen by a highly experienced site foreman. LamburnGeekie takes great pride in delivering stunning results to all its clients, from bespoke contemporary extensions to environmentally friendly new build houses. With over twentyfive years of combined experience, it can fulfil its commitment to providing these results without compromising the attention to detail it gives to every project stage. This experience has translated into the incredible quality of work, which has transformed the company into the South East’s Best Housing Project Company. This award is the natural result of LamburnGeekie Ltd’s dedication to quality. The satisfaction of its clients is further evidence of its successes and guaranteed for its projects going forward. Contact: Peter Geekie Company: LamburnGeekie Ltd Web Address: https://www.lamburngeekie.co.uk/