Q4 2022

32 BUILD Q4 2022 Aug22030 When searching for a damp proofing solution, there are new ways of working that could transform how you work. No one knows this better than the team at Rosco & Perlini. Their efforts have the potential to change the industry as we know it. Named Damp Proofing Specialists of the Year - South East England in BUILD’s Construction and Engineering Awards 2022, the team have been justly recognised for their incredible achievements. We look more closely to find out more. hen water gets into a property, it can cause untold damage at a host of different levels. Not only is it vital to ensure that the leak is stopped, it’s imperative that any damage is made safe as quickly as possible. With an eye to achieving the highest standards at all times, the team have developed an extensive range of solutions for property issues ranging from modern flat roofs to traditional lime work. They’ve not encountered a problem beyond their reach yet! Understanding the nature of a building is core to the approach of the Rosco & Perlini team. Their achievement has come from the ability to carefully adapt to unique circumstances. Older properties, for instance, depend on teams who have the detailed knowledge of how they were built and what they were built with. Traditional materials often require traditional approaches to their preservation. Modern buildings, built with new resources and in a completely different styling, present a similarly unique challenge. The Rosco & Perlini team have made it their mission to stay on top of any changes that might arise in the industry and to identify issues based on this awareness. It’ll come as little surprise that the team are able to provide detailed remedial plans that rectify issues quickly and efficiently with ease. Unlike most damp proofing companies, Rosco & Perlini have built their business through dealing with the source of any problems before offering a plan to carry out internal works. Each property is treated as a bespoke project, with a unique development plan. No two properties will ever have the exact same problem, which means that the exact same solution cannot be applied either. One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to dampness in buildings. The comprehensive nature of what the team offer means that clients do not have to worry about searching for other professional tradespeople. They can rest easy, knowing that everyone is being handled to the highest possible standard. Over time, this approach has allowed the team to develop new ideas and technologies to push forward the boundaries of the damp proofing sector. W Now, thanks to these developments, there is no need for a six week wait for the damp proofing to dry before decorating. In fact, this work can start the moment that the works have been completed. The cracked and cold walls usually associated with sand and cement waterproofing are no longer an issue. Looking ahead, the new developments that have brought Rosco and Perlini such success are clearly the path forward for the team. They are already developing exciting game-changing technology which will be released in early 2023. With such innovation at the heart of one of the UK’s brightest lights in this specialist field, it’s not enough to celebrate their achievements in the past – we can’t wait to celebrate what they manage in the future too! Company: Rosco & Perlini Name: Ross Newham Email: [email protected] Damp Proofing Innovators Secure Success!