Q4 2020

BUILD Q4 2020 6 Aug20174 20 Architecture Awards 16 When designing a home that is of the utmost luxury and quality, there are few better firms to turn to than Cavendish Bespoke. The feeling of being able to walk around your own home and know that every detail has been carefully designed exactly the way you want it is second to none. Cavendish Bespoke is an exclusive design and build company that delivers extraordinary homes of incomparable luxury and style. he perfect home can mean many different things to many different people, however building a custom home can be extremely daunting which is why many people seek out the expertise of Cavendish Bespoke. The firm’s exceptional service encompasses all of the various aspects of the development process, and ensures that a client can be fully escorted through the conception, creation, and completion of a truly individual home that exudes outstanding quality and style. Luxury abounds in the homes that Cavendish Bespoke creates, and it is this luxury that has seen the firm achieve success in this years’ Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine. As with any home, there is an emphasis on ensuring that both interior and exterior spaces are fully reflective of those who are living there. The discerning client always wants to feel at home in their own space, and they deserve to have a space that reflects who they are in a manner that is both luxurious and homely. Cavendish Bespoke has made sure that all of its services are aimed at achieving that exact feeling, regardless of the size or shape of any given project. The team at Cavendish Bespoke invest time into developing the most detailed client brief that includes a myriad of details ranging from the size of a client’s plot, to the desired location of the project, the lifestyle of the client themselves, to the intricate and intimate design features that the client wants implemented. Having accrued this knowledge through spending time with the client and putting together the incredibly detailed client brief, Cavendish Bespoke then sets about bringing to life the vision of a home that is tailored perfectly to the client’s individual needs. At every stage, the client is central to what is happening, and there they remain throughout the process. Cavendish Bespoke approaches the project with the client in mind first and foremost. The firm operates a transparent system of communication with the client at all times, in a bid to keep the client fully involved in all stylistic choices and functional elements to the custom home that is being designed and built. Some of the key areas that Cavendish Bespoke focuses on in order to achieve success with its projects are the correct sourcing of the perfect products from around globe, and the vigorous execution of any given design. Sourcing the right products is vital to not just ensuring the happiness of the client with the end product, it is also vital to ensuring the longevity of T Best Exclusive Home Design & Build Company 2020 - UK & Best Luxury Development Project 2020 - Gerrard’s Cross: Cavendish Bespoke Aug20174