Q4 2020

29 Q4 2020 BUILD Over the course of the eight- een months that Angel O’Don- nell has been in business, the firm has had commissions that range vastly in budget. How- ever, one of the most valuable lessons learned from Richard’s time in agency is that it does not matter whether the firm is dealing with someone buying a property worth £150,000 or £50m, as everybody gets the same care, attention and respect. It’s a relatively small world, and the client with the small budget one day could well become the firm’s largest client in a matter of years. Angel O’Donnell has been fortunate enough to partner with supportive clients, and the firm has returned the favour by being fiercely loyal and completing projects on time and under budget. At a time where COVID-19 has played a significant part in the interior de- sign industry, the customer focus and loyalty that Angel O’Donnell continues to show is vitally important. The first eighteen months of Angel O’Donnell’s existence could be considered difficult by any standard, but that is not the way that Richard and Ed have chosen to see things. Instead, they have ploughed ahead, and built a growing reputation for being a market-leader in the build-to-rent industry, having fused together Ed’s creative skillset with Richard’s knowledge of development and agency. Looking to the future, the firm is squarely focused on building its portfolio with fantastic projects and clients alike. Whether supporting the industry in lobbying government, acting as key thought-leaders in the governance of the profession, or simply delivering luxurious interior spaces, Angel O’Donnell is all set to make truly outstanding spaces to live, work, and play in that are not reserved for the elite few. Contact: Richard Angel Website: www.angelodonnell.com Jan20275 Superior Service For Interior Design Clients Interior design is a fine art, and it requires patience, dedication, and a wealth of creativity to master the art of putting spaces together in ways that are unique and innovative, yet familiar and homely. Angel O’Donnell is one such interior design house that has mastered interior architecture, design, and FF&E design and procurement. The firm has excelled in this field so much that BUILD Magazine has recognized Angel O’Donnell as 2020’s Best Client-Focused Interior Design Practice - the UK. Now, we take a closer look to learn more about how it has attained that status. ince being founded, Angel O’Donnell has focused its mission on creating bold and modern interiors for a discerning clientele in both the United Kingdom, and the wider world. Paramount to the firm since the start has been fantastic customer service with the ability to provide rounded and honest advice. Despite only being established eighteen months ago, Angel O’Donnell has achieved all of this and so much more, even in spite of the tumultuous period that has followed. Within what is an already saturated industry, Angel O’Donnell has still managed to stand out and be successful as a colourful and different creative style. However, chief amongst the reasons that the firm has done so well is undoubtedly how hard the two co-founders work on daily basis. Co-founder Richard Angel has a background in property develop- ment and is a chartered surveyor by trade, whilst his partner Ed O’Donnell is an interior designer. Together, this dynamic duo offer a holistic approach to every single client project. There are only a handful of designers out there who can say they have achieved planning consent and developed some iconic real estate cradle- to-grave projects, and are also part-owners in a hotel. Both Rich- ard and Ed completely understand the fundamentals of residential development, from build-to-rent, student housing, and build-to-sell projects. Whilst the pair are restrained enough to not wade in on issues with their opinions all the time, both Richard and Ed are al- ways available to offer well-rounded, intelligent advice on matters when it is required. Working tirelessly together, Angel O’Donnell has carved itself a reputation for being a firm that continually tries to think laterally to create opportunity where traditionally it might not exist. Both Rich- ard and Ed operate with the mindset that there is no such word as “can’t”, and this philosophy has stood the pair in great stead during times of economic uncertainty. Regardless of the worldly development, Angel O’Donnell counts both private individuals and major league developers, including Canary Wharf Group and Lodha UK, as clients. Every client is approached the same, and Angel O’Donnell seeks to listen to them and discover what their ultimate goal is. The only major difference is that with a private commission, there are more requests that are particular to the individual, whether they be design-led or material-led choices. S

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