Q4 2020

25 Q4 2020 BUILD nic view of a historical heritage location rich in nature, the studio have added another layer of quality to the visitor’s experience. As for what the future holds, the team at KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio will continue to create environments which balance the studio’s unique designs with a contemporary twist. Ultimately, the KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio team hope to further establish their reputation in the industry as being Ja- pan’s leaders in architecture. Contact: Kentaro Ishida Company: KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio Web Address: www.kias.co.jp Aug20494 Contemporary Designs and Rural Locations Founded in 2012 by Kentaro Ishida, KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio is an Architectural Studio based in Tokyo. In the space of eight years, the award-winning design studio has established an impressive portfolio of work, accompanied by a legion of loyal clients. Following their recent recognition in BUILD’s Design and Build awards, we dived a little bit deeper into the world of KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio to learn more about their unique, and successful, approach to design. rior to establishing KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio, Kentaro had worked with a number of various international architectural practices, including Shigeru Ban Architects in Tokyo and Herzog & de Meuron (H&dM) in Basel, Switzerland to name but a few. During Kentaro’s collaboration with H&dM, he was tasked with the role of leading a series of international projects as an Associate, a position he excelled in. Included in the series of projects was the Perez Art Museum Miami, Triangle in Paris, and Cultural Complex Luz in Sao Paulo. With a wealth of experience and a reputation within the industry for delivering excellent designs, Kentaro established his own studio, KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio. Today, the studio specialises primarily in designing art museum and galleries, as well as hotels and villas located in the rural regions of Japan. Since their inception, the studio has collaborated with countless contemporary artists to designs a diverse range of exhibitions, such as the Takuro Kuwata’s solo show at Kyoto’s most prestig- ious Kiyomizu Temple. All of the project experiences the team at KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio have worked on have enhanced the studio’s unique design qualities and challenges the contemporary design standards in the industry. With each project the studio has the pleasure of working on, the team have a unique approach to design that is based on careful analysis of the given essence of each project, including its envi- ronment, program, special configuration and desire of the owner. In each project that they work on, the team explore various pos- sibilities in materials and volumes based on the analysis without premediated design goals. Rather than sculpting form gratuitous- ly, the team at KIAS Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio believe that this design process can help to bring them to unique architectural proposals that stimulates curiosity. With a number of plans in the pipeline, one project the team are currently working on is a villa type hotel, located in the historical mountains in the Ise-Wakayama area of Japan. Effortless inter- twining their contemporary design of the hotel with a striking sce- P Four Leaves Villa

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