Q4 2020

BUILD Q4 2020 22 K Design is an interior design firm celebrated for their residential and hospitality projects that feature unparalleled contemporary aesthetics and cutting- edge concepts. Whether working on remodeling existing homes or designing new ones, LK Design works closely with their clients to create their dream homes. They collaborate with local, national and international craftpeople, furniture makers and textile artists to create interiors that are particularly unique yet perfect for each client. LK Design is well known for creating uncommon spaces for restaurants, cafes, medical offices and gyms that represent the essence of their clients’ brands. Prior to establishing LK Design, Lester Katz was an award- winning hair stylist, recognized as the best hair colourist in Washington DC. After retiring from the salon business, Lester received his BFA in Interior Design from Watkins College of Art and Design with the distinctive Summa cum laude award in 2004. Lester Katz began his interior design career as the head of the commercial interior design department for a leading architecture firm in Tennessee. There, he built his skills in hospitality design, developing designs for multiple restaurant, café and other customer service based businesses along with becoming LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited. Wanting to expand his scope of work, Lester set up LK Design in Nashville, Tennessee to provide both hospitality and residential designs. He, then, moved to Omaha, NE where he quickly established LK Design as the most innovative and creative firm in the area. People took notice of LK Design’s approach to clients, as LK Design worked with them from the concept to creation of existing spaces and new structures, assuring that the end result met the clients’ expectations. LK Design has created long standing relationships with clients who continue to rely on LK Design for new projects, whilst attracting new clients who want the exceptional service that LK Design provides. Enthusiasm for collaboration is combined with open-mindedness and a fascination with the wider world that can be distilled into a broad scope of design. Lester explores art, nature, architecture, biology, astronomy – anything from which inspiration can be drawn. “Whether it be exploring museums and architecture around the world, or watching the leaves fall off the trees on a fall hike, I am always looking for the beauty and wonder of the world that will provide inspiration for my designs,” said Lester Katz. For Lester, the natural world is what provides life and sustainance and he encourages his clients to keep that principle in mind as they work together. Being a LEED accredited designer, he is committed to implementing green design principles in his work, protecting the environment. His dedication The Designer Who Does It All An award-winning interior designer, Lester Katz, Founder and Owner of LK Design is constantly striving for excellence in design that exceeds all expectations – and the results are triumphant. For over a decade, LK Design has been specializing in residential and hospitality design in Omaha, Nebraska. LK Design, known for its contemporary and modern designs, creates beautiful, unique spaces that perfectly encapsulate the desires and personalities of their clients. L includes educating his clients about environmental design issues, enabling them to make informed decisions. As a result, LK Design is working toward a sustainable future not just for themselves, but for the planet as a whole. Lester recently launched Willow & Albert Home, a new e-commerce furniture store that allows customers to personalize their interior environment from the comfort of their own home and offers them an unique collection of custom-made modern furnishings of high quality and excellent craftsmanship. Customers will find a thoughtful collection of distinctive furnishings that balance high style with comfort and luxury. Alongside the growth of LK Design, the team aspires toward Willow & Albert Home being the premier destination for modern and contemporary furniture in the US and beyond over the coming years. With the Covid-19 outbreak, appropriate safe measures have been taken, including video conferences and shortened appointments to minimize the risk of exposure to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients. Communication still remains the priority and consequently, business activity continues to flourish. Thus, as the world adjusts to the ‘new normal’, LK Design remains as proactive as ever, continuing to create beautiful homes and hospitality spaces, that contribute to a long and sustainable future. Contact: Lester Katz Company: LK Design Web Address: www.lkdesign.biz and www.willowandalbert.com Oct20236

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