Q4 2020

BUILD Q4 2020 12 Sep20783 enevieve Wells, Founder of Inside Out Your Space, the UK-based interior and exterior home design firm, has covered all corners of the architecture and design sector since she graduated at the Farnham University of Creative Arts. Beginning her career as an interior designer specialising in office, retail and leisure spaces, Gene- vieve later moved her focus on to residential architecture, taking on the role of technical coordinator for Redrow Homes. Learning and mastering the twin disciplines of interior design and architecture, Genevieve is able to appreciate both the external aesthetics of architecture and the beneficial qualities of internal spaces on a person’s lifestyle. This knowledge, com- bined with her comprehensive experience in architectural and interior design of retail, commercial and residential properties, set her in good stead when she made the decision to strike out on her own to establish Inside Out Your Space. From modest, single storey extensions, to the creation of open-plan living spaces, to complete refurbishments of larger properties, Inside Out Your Space excels in the renovation and extension of existing homes. With an established reputation as a multi-award-winning firm, Inside Out is dedicated to ‘ trans- forming lives through design ’, offering clients exceptional value for money and working closely with local planning authorities to achieve an excellent success rate with planning applications and building control approval. Combining technical knowledge with exquisite skills in design, Inside Out takes pride in their creative flair, revelling in the opportunity to transform even the most derelict houses into something truly beautiful. Since the company’s inception, Genevieve and Jayson at Inside Out have been specialists in designing homes and properties to suit individual and family needs, the latter being a princi- pal demographic of the company’s clientele in recent years. Genevieve herself is devoted to the family aspects of both her professional and personal lives and for her, a successful project is one that allows families to come together in beautiful homes and make the most of precious time. “I fully believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a positive reset for a lot of us,” she says, explaining that, while devastat- ing in so many ways, the lockdown has also proven that it is Living By Design Having transformed the lives of countless clients through architectural and interior design over the years, Inside Out Your Space knows what it takes to create designs that suit individual and family needs. Prior to having a baby, Founder Genevieve Wells was delighted to witness the exponential growth of her independent small business, seeing it take off to become something she would never have dreamed of. Today, however, she is taking back control of the firm and learning to balance her creative ambition with her role as a mother. We spoke to Genevieve about how she is finding balance and simplicity in her professional and personal lives. G possible – even necessary – to better balance our time between our work, passions and families. For fifteen years, Genevieve experienced exponential growth in her career that she had never projected. This exciting phase was followed by something even more exhilarating; the birth of her child, almost a year ago. As she returns to her work follow- ing this pause, her approach has very much changed, as her priority has shifted to balancing her role as a mother with pursu- ing the passion which is her company. Managing this balance has been made easier by following the Japanese art of Ikigai, a concept that means ‘a reason for being’, which is frequently considered a secret to a long and happy life. Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements; what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you can get paid for. Doing something that fits in all four of these concepts is said to bring fulfilment, happiness and longevity and for Genevieve, has been the key in living a simple but fulfilled life that centres around her family. Having achieved many awards and accolades over the years, Genevieve has now turned her attention to focusing on the contentment of her and her family, confident in the knowl- edge that with happiness comes success. Now, Inside Out is a small, but nonetheless a professional team of two that is staying true to themselves, embracing simplicity as they make their creative comeback. Contact: Genevieve Wells Company: Inside Out Your Space Web Address: www.insideout-yourspace.co.uk

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