BUILD Q4 2019

48 BUILD Q4 2019 Jul19623 Residential Architect Delivers Dream Homes Specialising in residential architecture services, Atoll is a collaborative art and architecture studio founded in 2007. Offering full or part-consultancy services, Atoll support the design and construction of both new homes, and house extensions, refurbishments and interior remodelling. See why it has become one of the most innovative residential architects in the north west of England. irected and operated by Ian Banks, chartered architect, public art consultant and built environment journalist, Atoll seeks to provide residential clients with innovative design, bespoke service and ethical professionalism in equal measure. Operating as a sole practi- tioner, Ian likes to dedicate time, careful attention to detail, and care to all the commissions he takes on, and prides himself in delivering high quality projects for all of his clients. Much of Atoll’s architectural clientele are domestic household owners who contact the firm directly with specific requests. As such, the company treats each project as a unique one-off, carefully listening to and interpreting the requirement of each client and their brief. In delivering this personal service, the company takes great pride in maintaining exceptionally high levels of integrity and quality in all of its commissioned work. As well as all aspects of design, this often includes full RIBA services including contract administration on site as well. Since formation, this private architectural practice has relied predominantly on gathering most new commissions via word- of-mouth recommendation, rather than advertising or market- ing. Signing up to a deliberate policy that keeps his firm as a micro-company, Ian Banks prefers to act as a sole practitioner. As such, Atoll is able to then be selective about the design and type of work it takes on. This also means that Ian can liaise directly with his clients and ensure a more personal touch when undertaking design and contract work to people’s own homes. Further to this, Atoll actively collaborates with a wide network of artists, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, and other creative organisation in order to boost the creative expertise it can offer clients. Thus, for each unique and bespoke project, Ian invites together a specialist team in order to suit the individual client brief and budget. With the ever-growing global warming crisis, this means that there is an ever-increasing importance to consider project sus- tainability and environmental credibility, whilst maintaining the cli- ent’s best interests. The name of the company, Atoll, is designed to reflect this approach via the myriad of organisms that form the crucial building blocks of reefs. In much the same way that col- laboration ensures survival in atolls, so the name of the company was seen as a fittingly evocative name to help symbolise the joint collaborative and sustainable ambitions of the firm. As such, the company has begun to use sustainable technology throughout recent projects, which ironically has also seen a large influx of residential house projects that include the con- struction of indoor swimming pools, spas and saunas. However, by installing technology such as Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps and Photovoltaic systems, the company is ensuring that the technology is not only sustainable, but renewable also. These projects have also often benefitted from Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grants to help their subsidy and uptake. Atoll’s phenomenal success is down to the high-quality client service, excellent collaboration, and awareness of the impact of global warming. Ian Banks works hard to deliver on the unique requests of each individual client, creating dream homes with integrity, care, and attention to detail that gives the clients much sought-after peace of mind during the construction process. Company: Atoll Contact: Ian Banks Website: Telephone: +00 44 (0)7717710014 D