BUILD Q4 2019

BUILD Q4 2019 28 Jul19598 t Kertes Homes we believe in overall Quality, not Quantity. That’s why our company name is on it.” Despite seeing success through an impressive dedication to the green building movement, Kertes Homes has driven their growth through true client-centricity and a commit- ment, above all else, to quality. In a market which seems keen to capitalize on a growing demand for custom built houses by scaling to meet this need, Kertes Homes have distinguished themselves through a ‘slow and steady’ approach that puts the client at the very centre of their work. As Randy explains, this ethos forms the very foundation of the company and goes hand in hand with their sustainable mindset. “We work closely with our clients, Architects and other profes- sionals to satisfy our clients’ needs, paying special attention to maintaining the home’s energy efficiency. One of our main goals is to see that the design exceeds today’s requirements, thus enabling our clients to be ‘futureproofed’ for energy efficiency and indoor air quality, lower maintenance and overall enjoyment of their new living environment.” This becomes ever more impressive when you consider the company’s 45-year history. During that time, trends have come and gone, and Kertes Homes have remained, adapting to ever-changing client needs and expectations. This tenure stands as testament to the sheer expertise and talent of every member of Kertes Homes’ team, as Randy continues. “We chose early on that, rather than be a ‘mega’ home builder, to specialize in work- ing with our clients to make their dream a reality – not just to sell a ‘cookie-cutter’ home. Whether one of our designs or a custom build from day one, we make sure that, no matter what the cli- ent’s budget, we give them a home that they can enjoy for many years. During the design process we review our client’s choice of materials and ensure that only quality products are used. Ulti- mately, we aim to build each home as it is were our own.” Yet, despite their runaway success in the Ohio market, the industry isn’t without its fair share of challenges. Like many of their peers, Kertes Homes is seeing a reduced talent pool Sustainable Success in the Build/Design Sphere Kertes Homes is a Design Build firm that specialises in building green and sustainable homes in the Northeast Ohio marketplace. For this dedication to the sustainable market, Kertes was recognised among the winners of the ongoing Design and Build Awards programme as the ‘Most Outstanding Sustainable Home Contractor’ in the region. Following this deserved success, we spoke to the company’s Randy Kertesz to find out more. “A when it comes to skilled, quality labour. “Our biggest industry challenge is finding quality labour, especially with demand for housing at its peak in our market area. Additionally, with all the government approvals required today it delays the process to open new developments,” Randy adds. Finally, when it comes to the future, Randy takes a moment to talk about the company’s expansion into next year as the prepare to open new developments. “Our plans for 2020 are to open two or three more developments of single-family homes and multifamily homes. Each one contains design criteria policies and guidelines we have placed, requiring nationally certified green and sustainable homes to be built.” Company: Kertes Enterprises Inc Name: Randy Kertesz Address: 3439 West Brainard Rd. Ste. 260, oodmere, Ohio, 44122, US Website: Telephone: +1 (216) 831 9110