BUILD Q4 2019

Q4 2019 BUILD 13 Best in Construction Management 2019 - UK Jul19015 riding itself on its ability to put the client first from inception to completion, NNDEV is a construc- tion consultancy firm that is putting the client and stakeholders at the centre of every unique journey. Planning diligently, working collaboratively and communicating honestly are just some of the key aspects to this consultancy firm that make it stand out from its competitors. At their core, NNDEV’s values reflect the aspirations to become the first-choice construction consultancy firm. Inspiring their clients, making every day count, making decisions with integrity and honesty, finding innovative and collaborative methods, and enjoying the journey are at the heart of what this company are constantly achieving. There are a number of key skills in any building project, such as diligent planning, and clients can rest assured that those at NNDEV are indeed diligent planners. Ensuring that any and all issues are prepared for, construction projects progress much smoother from the outset thanks to understanding the stages before the beginning of any project. Working collaboratively alongside all stakeholders in a project is also important, and this construction firm secure success by involving all parties in decision-making from beginning to end. Standing out from their competitors, NNDEV bring a modern approach to the construction consultancy industry, as well as constant communication with the client regarding their needs. From the beginning of every project, the company seek to understand what drives each client, making sure they align common goals and gaining a mutual trust. By understanding the clients key performance indicators throughout the process, the firm can ensure that the finished product meets their clients exact needs. In a constantly shifting market, it is important to know that construction consultancy firms are educated about the latest changes. NNDEV guarantee that they are aware of the latest changes, including the latest big regulatory change regarding external cladding on buildings following the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. Always keen to educate their clients about effectiveness and costing changes, this company are constantly keeping themselves aware of any market changes and adapt- ing to those changes. Making use of technology can vastly improve effectiveness, and NNDEV make sure that the technology they use aids in the completion of a project to the highest possible standard. Using project management, construction management, cost manage- ment, and cost planning software, this company strive to use the very best technology to maximise not just their own efficien- cy, but also the client’s happiness with the finished product. The future is looking bright for NNDEV, as they seek to continue their current business whilst also launching into the property development industry as developers. With inspiration, guidance and leadership, this firm are looking to cement themselves as a trusted partner on any development or construction project. At the cornerstone of NNDEV’s success are outstanding service for their clients, constant communication and collaboration, innovative and modern approaches to business, and an ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry. Cementing itself as a trusted partner, the future is bright for this construction consultancy firm. Company: NNDEV Consultancy Ltd Contact: Rikin Kerai Website: P Quickly becoming the primary construction consultancy of choice for potential clients, NNDEV Consultancy Ltd. has established itself as a trustworthy partner through consistently delivering outstanding service, working hard, living out their core values, and striving to achieve the very best results. Find out how as we profile the company.