BUILD Q4 issue

Build Q4 2018 8 rawing on its wealth of knowledge and expertise, Vector- works provides powerful tools that enable designers to build data-rich, visual models without sacrificing their creative design process, while still collaborating efficiently throughout the project life-cycle. The company’s products for the built environment include Vectorworks Architect, Landmark and Designer, and these inno- vative solutions have helped drive the company to the success it enjoys today. Sarkar begins by exploring how far Vectorworks has come over the years and how it has worked alongside its customers to become the visionary it is now. “As pioneers in our industry, Vectorworks was one of the first developers to offer a 2D/3D modeling program that allowed users to attach data to objects and include non-graphic information to 2D and 3D objects. Vec- torworks software was originally developed for Mac operating systems, which is where our intuitive interface stems from. We were also one of the first developers to offer a solution for both Mac and Windows. From a cost standpoint, we are competitively priced for all that we offer. In addition to our superior 2D/3D modeling tools, the ability to design and document in the same workflow, along with seamless interoperability between other products, and our industry-leading and built-in rendering functionality in all software products reinforces this point. Most importantly, we believe that software should not inhibit creativity or force a particular workflow. Designers choose Vectorworks software be- cause it supports the creative process, offering flexibility to achieve any design goal. As a result, we have become an internationally respected leader in both design and BIM technologies over the years. We allow superior modeling functionality without sacrificing the quality and graphic richness of the presentation drawings. The Vectorworks industry series products are recognized as unique, dedicated toolboxes that encom- pass modeling, rendering, algorithmic design and much more. In many instances our customers adopt Vectorworks, as it is an all-in-one product that allows them to express design freedom without using multiple applications.” Working within such a fast-paced market, Vectorworks has to adapt quickly to ensure it remains at the forefront of emerging market develop- Bringing BIM to the BUILD Industry Vectorworks, Inc. develops a line of design and BIM software solutions for both Mac and Windows that allow professionals to produce 3D models and generate 2D drawings for a variety of industries including architecture, landscape architecture and design, urban planning, set production, lighting design, lighting previsualization and more. In September, they launched Vectorworks 2019, which was rooted in exceptional quality and performance improvements. CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar talks us through the secrets behind the company’s incredible success. D Image credit (opposite page): The Weeknd Starboy Tour | Courtesy Of SRae Productions and Ralph Larmann Barangaroo Reserve | Design By PWP Landscape Architecture Villanova Icône | Design By Hamonic+Masson & Associés 1807BU02 Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. Image courtesy of Vectorworks, Inc.