BUILD Q4 issue

24 Build Q4 2018 WR180019 t had given us great pleasure to find we have received this award. We believe it recognises the contribution we are making to the advancement in the construction industry of 3D modelling, or BIM methods. Using building information modelling to truly represent the design idea or intent of the architect or designer, improves communication through the whole construction supply chain. This enables contractors to bid accurately and de-risk their activity through having detailed 3D information. Thus, the design/build activity, however contracted, is completed on time within budget and to a higher quality. Industry awards are important in any industry as they provide a spotlight to showcase new products, innovations or processes. By having an inde- pendent scrutineer judge any entrant, it raises the importance and profile of the winner, giving market credibility. We believe this award will enhance our opportunities to grow our offering considerably in the future. Our company has been supplying 3D design software and consulting on best methods in markets such as automotive and aerospace, for some time. These industries communicate using 3D data rather than drawings. The outcome of this approach has been to reduce the lead time from design to manufacture by more than half. So, it is our vision that con- struction should complete all design activity in 3D, access it and share it using Cloud technologies and confirm the practically of construction using simulation software. We supply this capability using Dassault Systems 3DEXPERIENCE software platform. It meets all the relevant compliancy needs – up to BIM Level 3 using a Cloud web services approach. Supplying software is only one element of the digital transformation that we affect to our clients. The way the software is used is just as important. We deliver that knowledge through consulting with our clients, determin- ing where we can make improvements through our knowledge of what can be done and applying industry best practice to these methods. We have found that experience we have drawn from our work in the automo- tive and aerospace industries can be applied to construction. designer, manufacturers and contractors all have similar problems in wanting to manage data – that is creating, storing, sharing and disseminating. Further, project management control is central to any business activity. All these functions can be applied and use with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Our approach in engaging with clients is in the first instance to under- stand how they currently design for fabrication and construction. The next Engineering Ideas Put into Practice Desktop Engineering Limited help companies raise design productivity and quality through using 3D software. Recently, the firm were awarded the accolade Best Design / Build Software Provider – UK. On the back of this win, Desktop Engineering Limited’s Director, Chris Palmer takes the time to provide us with a detailed insight into the award-winning firm, and the secrets behind their extraordinary success. I step is some trial or evaluation which we would typically base on a small project. Through the trial we train and support at whatever level our client is conformable with, all the while monitoring and managing challenges, expectations and objectives. On completion our clients generally make plans for migration to our software and workflows, typically on a project by project basis, allowing existing project to run out using their former technologies. During this activity, our team of support consultants are engaged in training and support the expansion within our clients, ensuring a smooth take up. In this market, we have a clear advantage over other competitor software by meeting the Governments initiative on specified levels of skill and maturity in using BIM methods. They defined three levels, with the first level a very basic capability. The intermediate BIM Level 2 is the where most software applications perform together with architects and contrac- tors currently migrating their processes to meet this requirement. CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE however, conforms to the highest Level 3 – a true single database of project 3D design information that allows simultaneous access by all involved. No other software application at this moment can offer this. The future of the construction industry depends on all involved gaining enough profitable business. Currently the margins that some contrac- tors work on does not reflect the risk they take on. This risk can only be controlled or mitigated through having clarity from their client on what the project entails, with as much detail offered so that project costs can be accurately forecast and then controlled during construction. Our approach of delivering that information can only help in taking out the uncertainty that imprecise drawings or specifications give. Our aim in moving forward is to demonstrate clear gains from exemplar projects that we have currently in place with some leading enlightened contractors. Through this viral approach, we hope that we engage in more forwarding looking clients. Contact: Chris Palmer Address: 6-7 Bankside, Hanborough Business Park, Long Hanborough, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 8LJ, UK Telephone: 01993 883555 Web Address: