BUILD Q4 issue

20 Build Q4 2018 ince their inception in 2005, Play Concept Ltd have participated in a diverse range of projects from outdoor and indoor, large-scale playground and themed play equipment, water play to climbing walls. As a professional playground specialist, Play Concept Ltd always generate innovative ideas to create a playful and safe playground, playroom or art fur- niture with outstanding appearance. Alongside this, they also provide advice and practical solutions to help their clients to realise their concept. In addition, the firm make use of their broad in-house resources of architects, designers, engineers and safety inspectors to provide integrated solutions including generating ideas, design drawings, material selection, implementa- tion and installation, safety inspection. Going into further detail about Play Concept, Judie begins by explaining to us the approach the team takes to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients, and how it sets them apart from others within the industry. “When undertaking a new client or project, we listen and understand what their need is and what their expectation is too. Then we explore different pos- sibilities to provide creative and practical solutions to our clients. We will also maintain good communication with client during the whole project, to make sure the outcome is good, and everything is what clients want. “Here at Play Concept Ltd, our team is our edge. We are not simply a play equipment supplier to just supply the standard modular to our clients. We have an experienced design team which can create unique and custom-made playgrounds and play equipment for our customers. Also, we have the in- house engineering team and certified safety inspectors, we can provide an integrated one-stop solution from design to installation and inspection.” When discussing the current state of the industry, Judie notes on some of challenges that the firm have had to overcome over the years which have strengthened the company values. “The play industry grows fast in Hong Kong. However, the problem of intellec- tual property infringement is quite serious. We strived to protect our intellectual property rights, on the other hand, we strengthened our implementation and execution level, so that we can differentiate ourselves from the copycats.” Following their recognition in the 2018 BUILD Awards, Judie is keen to high- light one of Play Concept’s most successful projects to date, touching on what the most important thing the team learnt from working on it. Playing Outside of the Box Play Concept is a design, planning and building specialist in playground. Recently, the firm were selected in the 2018 BUILD Awards in which they were awarded the accolade Play Design Specialist of the Year for Hong Kong. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm and spoke to Play Concept’s Director, Judie Au to discover more about the innovative designs the firm produces which have seen them generate exceptional success within their respected industry. S “The Whale Garden at D. Park in Hong Kong is one of our most successful projects. The Whale Garden is a fascinating playground with animal-themed play equipment, including a remarkable giraffe-shaped slide and an incredible whale-shaped climber. This excellent project won two design awards. “From this project, we learnt that only creativity can differentiate ourselves. Which is why, we keep expanding our design team to enhance the quality of our works.” Speaking of success, Judie informs us of how the team at Play Concept Ltd are able to create such innovative solutions to maintain their high standards. “We always keep exploring different possibilities to brainstorm diverse ideas and solutions, so that we can maintain our quality. Also, we treasure our tal- ented staff and keep recruiting people with ability into our team. Our designers came from different countries and different background; they can contribute various ideas and suggestion.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Judie reveals to us one of the plans which lie in the pipeline for Play Concept Ltd. “Moving forward, our goal is to be the best and unique playground design company. Currently, we are working on a project for Hong Kong International School and there is an iconic play equipment which is a huge lantern. We can’t wait to share this project with you.” Contact: Judie Au Company: Play Concept Ltd Address: 28/F Comweb Plaza, 12 Cheung Yue Street Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong Telephone: 00852 3188 0955 Web Address: