Q3 2023

BUILD Q3 2023 8 May23477 BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 16 our workforce as they have powered us through these large projects allowing us to scale.” Without the team behind it, D&V Customs wouldn’t be where it is today, and without its founders it wouldn’t be here at all. Vince and Dennis, Vince’s father and business partner, created D&V Customs to address the needs of the surrounding community. Vince tells us, “With my partner/father Dennis’ union carpenter and trade knowledge, coupled with my creative design skills and guru like lead generation strategies, we’ve adopted a distinctive design preference and style that has captivated our clients. A blend of modern and traditional. Historically, we are not natives to this area of Southwest Florida but, through years of networking, we have established long term relationships and many repeat customers.” Dennis has dedicated his entire life to his trade, and Vince has gained an incredibly rich knowledge of design and operations. Together, they are completely balanced, and totally unstoppable. With an elite understanding of project management, Vince works meticulously through the design phase of each project. Once that is complete, D&V Customs enters the planning phase, “where the team of artisans brainstorm ideas on how to approach each task. This will ensure the best possible solution is extracted during any given situation.” It is D&V Customs’ dedication to the desired outcome, while enjoying and savouring every drop of the process, which powers its every move. Vince continues, “I will then map out the project in its entirety, planning each phase down to the date.” By managing everything in an expert fashion, and staying transparent with each client, the business tackles any challenges that may surface. Whether that’s construction delays, which are common on a global scale, or otherwise, D&V Customs effectively meets its demand and passes the test with flying colours each time. Many clients have left reviews that truly reflect the intensely successful performance of the D&V Customs team. Dan M said, “Denny and Vince are hardworking and have the utmost integrity.” Rich D commented, “Vince is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable at his craft. Closets and cabinets look better than expected! If you need any carpentry work done, these are the guys!” Joseph P said, “They did amazing work after the hurricaine to restore my condo back to a much better version of what it was!” Devoted to its immaculate work and then delivering on budget and on time – every time – D&V Customs has now won Best Custom Closet & Cabinetry Company 2023 in Southern Florida. Speaking of the future, Vince tells us, “As a firm, we plan to continue expanding our manufacturing operation so that we are equipped to complete projects at a faster rate. We are looking for the right CNC machine suitable for our facility and, once we accomplish this goal, our fabrication process will be fully automated. We’re also launching our own branded line of cabinetry with innovate door styles and custom mixed paint colours.” 2023 looks bright for the specialist design and manufacturing company and we can’t wait to see more from D&V Customs. Contact: Vincent M. Tomé Company: D&V Customs LLC Web Address: https://www.dandvcustoms.com/