Q3 2023

29 Q3 2023 BUILD Apr23620 menRah Consulting Engineers has a passion for extending its work to foreign shores, and ensuring that all the required architecture, engineering, and planning of its projects is completed with the utmost attention paid to detail, and the highest and most advanced standards adhered to. The majority of its projects require considerable preparation, including extensive tendering processes. The company completes numerous and detailed checks, hyper vigilant and aware that it is working in an unforgiving industry where zero errors are accepted. Two decades ago, Imen Rah Consulting Engineers were awarded ISO9001 standards, which ensures its work is of high quality, and continues to commit to the highest of international standards. Working within the super-competitive industries it does, at the top of its game, the company is proud to be recognised as a partner with vast experience who can be relied on to get things done. It has taken part in major projects covering over 45 airports plus kilometers of roads and railway parcels like parcel #1 in Tehran- North Freeway or Tehran-Karaj interstate with concrete pavement. It has a vast amount of experience, and furthermore, due to the sanctions and limitations it faces working in the Persian Gulf, much of its expertise is unique. This has helped support it in cooperations with some of the most renowned and internationally recognised consultants in the world, such as ADP of France, Obermeyer, Lufthansa, and JSK of Germany, and Nacco of the Netherlands. It has been granted substantial regional recognition, which is something it hopes to build on more now, as it has ambitions to go abroad to work on major regional civil projects. The architectural and construction industry in that region is always working to keep apace with the fast-moving international standards. ImenRah Consulting knows that the world has become a global village, which means distances can be covered instantaneously at the mere touch of a button. However, it feels that it is vitally important, regardless of speed, for companies to stay up to date and informed by the latest and most advanced international standards. That is why it makes sure its engineers and architects come on board furnished with the best of academic backgrounds, and always stay abreast of changes happening day to day. It regularly provides high level academic training programmes and courses to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of science and breakthrough technology. In order to enter the regional and international markets it is trying to overcome setbacks by utilising its vast experience of the industry, and relying on its formidable international standards. Working alongside the best international consultants in mega projects has given it still further credibility, and the confidence to continue upwards and onwards. I The latest project Imen Rah Consulting Engineers was successfully involved with through to completion was the design of a helicopter hangar for a Kish Island client. Working in that area of the Persian Gulf presented its own set of challenges. For instance, with the heat and humidity being so extreme, and the air filled with salty breezes, the location was a cause of multiple problems for architects and engineers alike. Also a task was to design the hangar, which required an 80-metre-long clearance span, and necessitated the use of a gantry crane. The problems were exacerbated by the limited availability and choice of materials suitable for use in such extreme climate conditions. Imen Rah Consulting Engineers managed to design a solution facilitated by using a special curtain with a reverse slope that was made of specialist material suitable for the conditions. The company is proud to have successfully managed to solve this predicament with a creative solution, resulting in the ultimate goal of achieving a happy client. After 40 years of experience working within local locations, the company is eager to take the next step in its evolution and begin working on the more expansive regional stage. It feels as though with extensive cooperation with some of the world’s leading consultants already under its belt, it has excelled in managing to stay up to date with the very latest technological advancements, and most progressive solutions. Furthermore, such cooperations have proved to be financially successful for all parties. As the renumeration for architects and engineers is significantly lower in Iran than in the Western world, it could instantly be a game changer or at least a long leap forward. Add to this the time difference, which provides more daily work hours for clients, and it’s clearly a win-win situation. The latest major task the company has undertaken is to rehabilitate Imam Khomini International Airport’s main passenger terminal. This was a contract awarded to Imen Rah by the Airport City Authority (IKAC) in early 2023. The international terminal, which was designed by the world renowned architect Paul Andrew, was constructed in late 1990s and is now the busiest in Iran for international travel. However, it requires significant improvements to be able to successfully serve its visitors, currently numbering more than ten million passengers annually. ImenRah has worked with its architects, engineers and planners to try to simulate the actual traffic flow through the terminal using digital modalities covering all movements. To this end, it believes it has pinpointed all the major traffic snags and bottle necks, and it feels confident it can successfully achieve the aims it needs to for its client. In putting forward a practical, tailormade solution, using all its years’ of experience, ImenRah is certain it will eventually be able to provide the airport’s many millions of passengers with a considerably more pleasant flight experience. ImenRah Consulting Engineers has won both Best Transport Architecture & Design Firm 2023 - Middle East, and Best Transport Architecture Design Project 2023 (Middle East): Maku Free-Zone International Airport, in the BUILD Architecture Awards. This phenomenal feat is a clear indication of what an outstanding job the company is doing with its design and architectural services for clients both near and far. Well done to ImenRah, we are sure it is going to continue along its path to success for many years yet to come. Company: ImenRah Consulting Engineers Web Address: https://www.imenrah.com/ Contact Name: Kayvan Natagh “Transportation modes and infrastructure continuously evolve to accommodate today’s ever-changing requirements. We believe keeping up with advancing science and new technologies, while striving forward for creative solutions, is a nonstop task as we build the FUTURE.” - Rahmatollah Hakimi, Managing Director.