Q3 2021

58 BUILD Q3 2021 Mar21094 Residential Construction Project of the Year (Greece): Three-Storey Residence in Kifisia With each project, Stokas Design and Construction has formed an extensive portfolio leading it to materialising a residency of some of its wildest dreams. Here, we find out more about Stokas and its recent success at the Homebuilder Awards 2021. tokas Design and Construction provides award-winning architectural design services for a bespoke and bold outcome. It develops an intricate framework of modern concepts for innovative and future-proof results. For Stokas, interior design is a constant dialogue with perfection. It strives to perform to the highest degree for each of its clients and therefore, produce something that has a lasting effect. Its goal is to create a result that will amalgamate flawless aesthetics and it aims to include original and sustainable functionality for now and the future. Not only does Stokas invent from scratch, but it also renovates and reconstructs. In this way, it is re-inventing the wheel to form something that propels any space further than it could have gone before in the hands of any of its competitors. Stokas focuses on the foundation and future as much as the finished product, which is imperative when it comes to forming something that will withstand the test of time. Each proposal respects the budget and the limits that have been set in the initial phase of its projects, however, it is carried out within the bounds of its unique philosophy. Its philosophy is that of uniqueness, innovation, and efficiency. It provides comprehensive supervision every step of the way and supports each client from contractual consideration through to each finished product and its land-for-home utilisation. Stokas takes a brief and designs something unparalleled and unmatched. It births a structure that is efficient as well as visually pleasing, thereby contributing to a sustainable world for the future of architectural development and design. Recently the Kifissia project was assigned to Stokas by its owner in the early design stage and it was trusted that Stokas would transform it into a place of exquisite taste and practical design that would last. The project includes the review of the existing architectural design, the detailed design, and the construction. Stokas is responsible for ensuring that all these crucial elements are playing their part to develop this unique and practical residence. S The three-storey building is clad with sustainable materials that will last a lifetime. It has architectural characteristics of the 21st century with internal attics and a swimming pool, as well as two independent apartments in the basement and a two-storey maisonette tying it all together in-between. Earthy materials combined with modern aesthetics makes this residence look as though it was transmogrified by the gods themselves. Not only has Stokas created a wonderous and modern space, but it has also created something that will inspire and encourage other projects thereafter. For Stokas, construction follows two paths that are equal in nature. The first being that of the practical, such as materials, analysis, and the plan of action. The second being a creation of identity for each structure. Each finished product has its own tale to tell, its own individual background and a promise for a sustainable future. Stokas has won several awards for its highly respectable efforts and innovative construction. It will continue to do this by working relentlessly hard on every project that it picks up. By working with the owner, being informed of what is needed, Stokas takes what needs to be functional and make it sustainable; what must be presentable and makes it truly inspirational. Contact: Yagos Stokas Web Address: https://stokasconstruction.com/