Q3 2021

54 BUILD Q3 2021 Exemplary Timber, Beautiful Builds Having won the award for being ‘The UK’s Leading Suppliers of Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring’ for 2021, Beach Bros reflects on the excellence in both customer service and product both that have allowed it to obtain this title. With a wide range of hardwoods, softwoods, and engineered timbers, imported in from all corners of the globe for creation into both mass-production and bespoke products, Beach Bros has made itself a cornerstone of its industry. aving made itself the South West’s largest showroom of engineered wooden flooring solutions, proficient in both its sales and manufacture, Beach Bros is one of the UK’s leading wood construction specialists. Furthermore, it is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of engineered and solid wood both, proficient in the sale of flooring, hardwood, softwood, mouldings, and machined hardwoods that can fit to the briefs of a large variety of different projects and uses, importing its hardwoods and softwoods from sources all over the globe. This, in essence, allows it to not only be an exemplary provider of a depth of quality in its goods, but also an exemplary provider of a wide range of different woods, all of outstanding nature that will allow any product to stand head and shoulders above any other. In order to ensure this remains the case, it determinedly ensures that this wide range is kept well stocked, with a massive selection of products in its warehouse at any given time, and access to most major manufacturers’ product ranges with astonishingly short lead times. Ergo, even if the specific product a customer wants is not in stock when they come in, Beach Bros can reassure them that it will not be long before it is back. In this way, Beach Bros has made itself the most trusted and highly sought-after distributor of contract floor coverings and accessories in the South West, handling everything from the provision of safety flooring and accessories to wood flooring, carpet tiles, adhesives and screeds, gripper and trims, entrance matting, luxury vinyl tile, tools, stair nosings and flooring accessories, and underlay. With such a vast array of stock, it also requires a brilliant and dedicated staff to keep track of it all. Beach Bros counts itself lucky that it has never wanted for this, taking great pride in the brilliant team it has gathered around itself, all of whom are committed to ensuring the client can access the materials they need and invaluable advice regarding flooring and wood solutions, should they need a guiding hand. Moreover, this exemplary staff includes a fantastic sales team with a wealth of in-depth knowledge regarding the products that Beach Bros offers and how each may benefit a build in specific ways, always keen and available to organise next day delivery for clients working to tight schedules. H Mar21427 Additionally, it also manufactures each of its exemplary products in-house. With its brilliant and well-oiled operational structure and comprehensive timber mill, it can produce both one off, highly bespoke wooden products, and mass- production timbers, allowing it to serve all elements of its market segment expertly. This, in essence, is what allows it to stand out amongst the crowd as much as it has, not just in the South West but in the UK in the macro scale, pleased to have earned the accolade of the most comprehensive modern timber machining facility in the region. Its facilities being so extensive allow it to cater to a wide variety of different sawn-to-size timbers, too. Beach Bros, above all, values the customer’s ability to choose, wanting them to be able to be as discerning as they wish when choosing which timbers and products to implement in their various projects, allowing them to choose from planed-all-round timber, mouldings, and virtually any bespoke timber component they desire. Furthermore, with over 5000 such products to choose from as the key contract flooring distributor for its clientele, a client can rest assured that they will always find something perfect for what they had in mind. Between the intensive nature of its attention to detail and the innovation behind its machinery and practices, the team behind Beach Bros ensure that each of its softwoods and hardwoods can rival any competition – after all, it is this that has ensured it remains staunchly competitive in its industry. Its competitiveness has secured it a place on a number of exemplary and well-renowned projects up and down the region. Firstly, it worked on a build called the Water Tower nestled in Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Fundamentally, it was designed to be a luxury home complete with modern, contemporary, yet incredibly cosy furnishings, surrounding by a huge private estate of 350 acres only three miles away from the town of Lyme Regis on the World Heritage Coast. The Water Tower, far from being just a new built that has sprung up from nowhere, comes from an in-depth heritage that began its life in the latter half of the 19th century and was characterised by two massive circular tanks. Due to this history, whilst working on the site the contractors all agreed to tread as lightly as possible and went in with an-depth understanding